Ellementa is a national resource and community for women exploring cannabis for health and wellbeing.

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Project Description

Ellementa logo gradient khaki copyWhat is Ellementa?

Ellementa is about cannabis – a life-affirming and health-enhancing medicinal plant – and about women’s health.

Ellementa is a national resource and network for women exploring cannabis for health and wellbeing. We meet in cities around the country every month to speak candidly about cannabis with other women. We learn about cannabis wellness from experts and each other and about products and services that can help us on our educational journey. 

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Ellementa provides information about cannabis and content tailored to women’s experiences and the various ways women’s bodies and mindsets change as we age. Ellementa provides information that has been reviewed by doctors, naturopaths, science writers and other advisors to ensure its accuracy. We do this through a content-rich website, online forums, ebooks and other learning tools as well as monthly in-person meetings and events with experts speakers and informal community roundtables about the health and wellness benefits of cannabis.

Whether seeking relief from anxiety and stress, chronic pain and inflammation, nausea and migraines, peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms such as insomnia or seeking support for a family member or loved ones, Ellementa provides the platform women are seeking to get answers to questions and ease fears stemming from years of stigma and misinformation.

Why Ellementa?

Over 95% of the US population live in an area where cannabis is legal, but reputable information remains scarce.

Too many women are suffering needlessly from a myriad of conditions that could be potentially addressed safely and effectively through the legal access to and proper use of cannabis. We’d like to offer women a welcoming space online and offline to connect with one another around the complex topic of cannabis.

As women, we are at the epicenter of care for our family and loved ones. We are constantly seeking effective ways to take care of ourselves as well. Ellementa is a trusted resource for information about cannabis and its healing properties to help women gain a better understanding of how this ancient healing plant works.

Ellementa brings women together in both discreet online forums and welcoming offline Gatherings and events where we can meet face-to-face and discuss cannabis topics openly and safely.

How is Ellementa Different From What Is Out There?

Ellementa stands apart from most other cannabis groups and resources as a much-needed alternative to cannabis business and professional organizations that don’t focus on women’s personal health questions and needs. Ellementa is a way for women to become more informed consumers, caregivers and activists.

How will these funds be used?

Ellementa Gatherings are organizing in cities across the country, led by women with a keen interest in health, wellbeing, and supporting other women in their educational journeys around cannabis wellness.

These funds will be used to launch at least 10 Ellementa Gatherings across the country in the next six months to bring important and trustworthy information and support to more women who need it. The expenses incurred include travel, venue and catering, as well as training costs of local support. This will bring the total number of official Gatherings to 20 cities running monthly and give us the resources to be more sustainable and expand even faster. Our goal is to have over 100 Ellementa Gatherings in cities across the country and around the world before the end of  2018.

Who is Behind Ellementa?

We founded Ellementa to continue our personal and professional missions to support other women in search of information and the best  products that can improve all of our lives and the lives of our families and loved ones.

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Aliza (CEO) is a Jewish Latina web pioneer who started the first woman-owned Internet company in the 90’s, Cybergrrl, Inc. – and the first global network for women to learn about the Internet – Webgrrls International that grew to 100 chapters and over 30,000 members.

Melissa (COO) is filmmaker and tech innovator who co-founded Everpurse, the handbag that charges your cell phone, as well as founding Chicago Women Developers group, a community for women in computer programming, one of the largest such groups in the country.

Ashley Kingsley (CMO) launched Daily Deals for Moms that grew into 27 markets in 18 months. She is a business leader and advisor, public speaker and social media influencer. She has appeared in the Wall Street Journal and Woman’s Daymagazine as well as on Fox, CNN, CNBC, and MSNCB.

Ellementa is the culmination of our professional and personal research and our clear conviction that all women need to be better informed about cannabis.

We’ve surrounded ourselves with incredible, seasoned advisors from a variety of industries including cannabis, event planning, publishing, product sales, and healthcare. Feel free to request a list of our advisors for your review. http://ellementa.com/about/#advisors

We are so excited fired up and joyful about what we’re creating through Ellementa, most importantly the content, the connections, and the vibrant, supportive communities of women. We hope you’re just as excited about this effort! Your support will help us to immediately reach more women and help us bring Ellementa to YOU.

Thank you for your support!