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EJ Kicks LLC Startup Funding

EJ Kicks LLC will be an affordable, stylish, and adaptable shoeline for children and teens who wear foot braces (orthotics).

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Project Description

I have met many families while working as a licensed physical therapist, in the field of pediatrics for the last six years.  As a side hustle, I offer home physical therapy services for children in the home via telehealth to assist them with obtaining equipment. Full-time, I work at an Intermediate Care Facility for children that are medically fragile and have global developmental delay.   Throughout my career, I have learned that children have limited footwear options when they receive new orthotics (braces). Majority of children shoes on the market are difficult to put on for children with braces, which frustrates kids and parents.  As a result, children do not wear their braces, delaying therapy results.  My desire is to see children and teens receive the best physical therapy outcomes they need with orthotics, with stylish and affordable footwear options, which inspired me to start EJ Kicks, LLC based in North Carolina. 

During my time in the field, I have documented the important changes necessary to a typical sneaker that would be most beneficial to someone who wears braces. EJ Kicks will create its own brand of shoe solely for people who wear orthotic braces. EJ Kicks brand will be inclusive, and not resemble the traditional “medical shoe” that is seen in the children and teen orthotic footwear market today. Our goal is for children and teens, to increase their confidence and embrace who they are and not be ashamed to wear orthotics. With this goal in mind, we have created the slogan “EmBRACE the Kicks” to support our mission of offering footwear that is stylish and affordable, and easy to put on. This will grant children with braces the deserving shopping experience as their peers.   EJ Kicks is unique because families in our demographic will also be able to custom order one shoe per size versus buying shoe size in pairs. This is extremely important because not all children need a brace on both feet.  Which means they will have one shoe that fits the brace and another large shoe for the opposite foot.  Currently, many parents must buy two pairs of shoes just for their child to wear a matching pair.  

EJ Kicks, LLC believes that children and teens who wear orthotics deserve to have more footwear options that support their therapy and healing. To follow our progress please visit our website, www.  We are taking donations for anyone who wants to assist with our initial shoe launch efforts.  We have community support from parents, orthotists, therapists, and doctors who are looking forward to this shoe brand for children who wear orthotics. Undoubtedly, we face challenges as we tirelessly work to bring this vision to fruition. Current challenges include hiring a manufacturer, funding to fill initial minimum or quantity of shoes, creating a logistical system and budget to offer separate shoe size ordering. Nonetheless, I am grateful for all the support I have received from orthotists, therapists, family, and friends.  

We want more people to know we are here for them and to provide input in the creations of the shoes.  In the meantime, we are dedicated to using creative ways of fundraising for our brand.  We have a great support system through work relationships and growing social media family, who are excited and prepared to help support this large yet obtainable goal. EJ Kicks is at the beginning stages, we are optimistic and believe our product will help many families. 


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where can we follow EJ Kicks LLC?
    • Instagram: @ejkicksllc and Twitter: @ej_kicks
  • How do I purchase a shirt or hoodie to support EJ Kicks LLC?
  • How do I purchase a mask to support EJ Kicks LLC?
  • Can I just donate without purchasing items?
    • Yes, you can donate on this campaign or on our website
  • What if I want to invest in EJ Kicks LLC, who do I contact?
  • For any other questions or concerns, please email us at or call at 919-322-8036



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