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Dirt Rich Development LLC, Developing Independence

We are seeking funding for the unprecedented development of sustainability communities with a self sufficient lifestyle focus.

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Project Description

Dirt Rich Development, LLC specializes in the development of sustainability, and self sufficient lifestyle focused communities. The unpresedent approach to land development is far from the only thing that sets Dirt Rich Development, LLC apart; it is the passion driven mission to not just develop land, but to assist others help in their journey to develop independence! By offering offgrid, sustainability and self-sufficient lifestyle skill building and educational resources, we can encourage people of all ages and experience levels to strengthen their confidence in their abilities to be self sufficient during uncertain times. We hope to spread an overall reminder that although we cannot tell the future, we can be sure we are capable and comfortable no matter what comes along.

As she excelled through law school and in prestigious law firms, Ashleigh Hopkins would have never thought life would lead her in the direction it has. 

Ashleigh was born and raised in a small coastal redwood town completely offgrid. Without any independent electricity or running water in the 27 ft motorhome she grew up in until the age of 12, Ashleigh looks back fondly on lessons learned such as "simple does not mean easy" and "experience and education are not the same thing".

Ashleigh attended law school in sacramemto county where she settled in, but when Ashleigh became a mother she knew she wanted to head home to the redwoods and surround her children with the nature and environment she was longing for.

The opportunity presented itsself when a family member called for some assistance dealing with the County while attempting to develop a family property.

Ashleigh was successful in finding creative solutions to difficult challenges that ultimately were agreeable for all parties involved.

It wasnt long after people began calling ashleigh to assist with similar projects and to consult on development alternatives, and to share solutions to other self sufficient living questions. And Dirt Rich Development was born.

When COVID was first announced, Ashleigh felt compelled to offer virtual skill building for emergency preparedness an lf other skill that help build the confidence of the comminity during uncertain times. This is a passion filled company, that has flourished without intention. Ashleigh Hopkins has now left the legal gield and is following her passion for the things closer to her heart, people and the ability to be self sufficient.

Ashleigh has an unique approach to unconventional development of communities with turn key homes for those interested in jumping right in to a premade sufficient home and environment, and we are confident that it is just the first of many to come.

Let all come together, to develop independence!


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