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the diaz collections llc

"my creations are proof to the world that I have existed, that I have loved, fought, survived & liberated."

-doriana diaz

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Project Description

doriana diaz is an afro-latina creative, curator, & visual artist from philadelphia.

this donation has been made to assist doriana and her brand amid the COVID-19 outbreak to assist her & fellow black & brown artists whose income has been severely impacted by show cancellations, slowing ticket sales, and/or low turnout during this pandemic. please consider donating to the diaz collections & other black & brown artists who are suffering during this time.

“ i create to come home to myself, to find new ways to fall in love with my bones, my blood, and my body because only i can honor the sacred stories that they hold. creating is a birthing process. my creations are my proof to the world that i have existed, that i have loved, fought, survived, liberated. i create to pay homage to all the places my body and my mind have been. it is my children & my children’s children’s inheritance. it is everything that is inside me begging to be born.”

the diaz collections is an llc founded by doriana diaz with the mission to offer an abundance of resources & support to black & brown artists in the greater philadelphia area. the diaz collections is a network operating with the intention to be a source of natural embrace to up and coming & long standing black & brown artists & creatives. services include exhibition offerings & partnerships for visual, literary, audio & video & performance artists.

our goal is to continue to provide artists with exhibition spaces and resources for the foreseeable future.


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Tom Zerger
Monetary Contribution
Monetary Contribution

because i'd like to support the cause.

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Monetary Contribution

because i'd like to support the cause.

2 Supporters
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