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Dental Staffing Network

Simplifying Your Staffing Needs

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Project Description

Dental Staffing Network was created and founded by a Registered Dental Hygienist to connect a network of Dental Professionals.  Allowing employers a complete database of available temporary and/or full time employees.  The database will help employers save time, money and peace of mind. 

The Dental Industry is staffed mostly by women.  Women take maternity leaves and they are mainly the ones who take off of work when the kids are sick.  In the Dental world we book appointments six months in advance.  You can't plan those unexpected days off.  For instance, if a Dental Hygienist needs to take the day off there are at least 8 people that have to be rescheduled.  That is a hassle for the office and the patients.  Having a website that you can go to and see a list of Hygienists that are available that day will eliminate the hassle of moving patients and the loss of production.   This is where DSN comes in.  

Before DSN to find a temporary dental professional you either called off of an outdated list, posted on multiple Facebook pages, or contacted a staffing company that will charge you more hourly than you would normally pay.  They pay the dental professionals less than they deserve.  DSN does not take any money away from the Dental Professionals, their profile is free.  The Dental Offices pay a monthly membership fee to have access to the Dental Professionals.  They may even find a permanent employee from the list of Candidates.  

Currently with Covid-19 DSN has had a terribly slow start.  The Dental Industry has seen more dental professionals leave their jobs than ever before.  Many were scared of Covid to come back to work, others are staying home helping kids with virtual learning, and some retired early because they didn't want to deal with all of the new protocol.  The website went live September of 2020, six months later than was planned.  With fewer dental professionals to fill out profiles and to be on the website, the business has had are hard time getting going. No dental offices want to pay the monthly membership with only 20 candidates.  The owner of Dental Staffing Network is currently the only employee.  The start up fees have come out of her personal funds.  Money that should have gone to her family.    Any amount would be appreciated.  


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I use Dental Staffing Network services instead of filling the position on my own?                    

To save time, money, and resources.  How much time are you paying your staff to locate a temporary candidate for themselves?   How much time are you paying for your staff to move patients around because you were unable to find a temporary employee?  How much production did you lose because you were unable to find someone?  DSN will help you save time and money in searching.   


What does DSN charge?               

Dental Professionals fill out a profile, hassle-free - there is no charge.  DNS employer website will help advertise offices and fill your schedule.    Employers pay a monthly fee of $50 to have access to our full network of dental candidates.


What kind of services does DSN offer?  

Dental Staffing Network has built and continues to recruit a network of dental candidates to help fill your staffing needs.  For a day - or for a permanent position, we are here to help.


For Dental Candidates: Is there a contract I have to sign with DSN?         

There are no contracts needed when setting up a profile with Dental Staffing Network.  


For Dental Offices: What if I hire one of the dental candidates, do I have to pay a retainer fee?  

No there is no additional fee.  The monthly membership fee is the only cost.  


Can I find a temporary candidate that can work for me today?   

Yes, you can post temporary jobs and even request your favorite well-suited temp you’ve had in office before for next day or same day jobs.  DSN recommends posting temp jobs as far in advance as possible to give you the most compatible options. However, we do understand employees call out sick, or emergencies happen.  Dental Staffing Network is built to help you book a temporary candidate quickly whenever possible.


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