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Lets help children live independent, meaningful, and pleasurable lives, and to make them more of who they are.

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Project Description

My name is Danielle. I graduated from Stevenson University with a Bachelors in psychology. I have  obtained my Masters Degree in Special Education from Grand Canyon University. I have also obtained my Board Certified Behavior Certification (BCBA) after receiving my BCBA certificate from Florida Institute of Technology. I am currently pursuing my PHD degree in psychology with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) at Capella University. Today, I work as a BCBA in the Baltimore region. I provide ABA services to children on the spectrum. I have been in the ABA field for 8 years. I worked as a behavior technician and then became a BCBA. I joined this field to make a change in not only the lives of children, but in their families, lives. From experience, I have observed many difficult situations that families and their children have been through and I just want to help them and make it better. This is one of the many reasons why I stayed and continue to grow in this field. Once I was only allowed to provide services to 15 clients, but through Dedication I will be able to spread my level of understanding and knowledge to my colleagues at Dedication so we can help more families and children on the spectrum through the principles of ABA. Even though at times, it might be tough, I have created Dedication so the outcome can be better. Dedication thrives off of independent, meaningful, and pleasurable lives, and to make you more of who you are.


 To provide support to the children and families impacted by autism by providing the highest quality ABA therapy to support an independent, meaningful, and pleasurable life. 

Problem: Lack of support to families in need with children who are diagnosed with Autism. Lack of skills to promote/live independent and meaningful lives. Lack of resources. Lack of support in the communities for families who have children diagnosed with autism. 

Market Size:

Our relevant market size is the annual revenue that our company could attain if we owned 100% market share

The total market size for Dedication in the Baltimore area consists of the sum of potential clients in the public/private school sector and home markets.  

The Baltimore City market in which Dedication is operating can be characterized by three groups: Parents of Autisitc Children, Public Schools, and Private Schools. The industry need for ABA therapies specific to Autism is growing and the long term outlook is for an integration across all participants of a client’s care team, including medical specialists, allied health professionals, and special educators. The short term goal is to establish more business to work for families at home or through a therapy center to serve children in need, especially those diagnosed with autism.  The rate of children diagnosed with autism was 1 in 91 children in 2009 to 1 in 44 in 2018 according to the CDC ( .

Company Product: Providing ABA services to families in need. 

Dedication delivers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to children diagnosed with Autism or other related disorders to reach their potential and independence.  This is through the use of ABA therapy which includes adaptive, social, communication, and community skills.  The intent is to grow over the next 5 years delivering services to children at home and in a school based setting (academic curriculum).  

Team: Danielle Wright CEO and Cordelia Wright Secretary 


The Campaign FAQs

What is ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder marked by impaired social communication and social interaction accompanied by atypical patterns of behavior and interest.  ASD is differentiated from other developmental disorders by significant impairments in social interaction and communication, along with restrictive, repetitive, and stereotypical behaviors and activities. 

ASD symptoms cause impairment across many areas of functioning and are present early in life.  However, impairments may not be fully seen until environmental demands exceed the child’s capacity.  

Services provided by Dedication will be integrated into the school setting and specifically in the educational curriculum.

What is ABA?

Applied behavior analysis. Applying empirical approaches based upon the principles of respondent and operant conditioning to change behavior of social significance.

What are the treatment Needs?

The number of autistic children is rising in the U.S. at the rate of 6.2% per year.  The CDC now estimates that 1 in 54 children in the U.S. are autistic.

Will healthcare cover? 

Health Insurance Coverage for Autism: Insurance coverage of austic children has improved over the last four years, with 64% now covered (vs. 36% in 2016).  All 50 states now provide coverage. 


Who are your targeted customers?

Dedication’s average client will be: 

  • Child diagnosed with Autism
  • Families who provides care for an autisc child
  • Individuals who are diagnosed with behavior disabilities or anything related 
  • Public and Private schools who are in need of help with children who have been diagnosed with Autism or behavior related disabilities 

What is your Mission? 

MISSION STATEMENT:  To provide support to the children and families impacted by autism by providing the highest quality ABA therapy to support an independent, meaningful, and pleasurable life. 


What is your vision? 

VISION STATEMENT: Dedication envisions a world where Autistic children are provided ABA services  in the educational setting and where families impacted by autism have access to services and support.


What are your values? 


  • Dedication
  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Meaningfulness




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