Dare to Dream Festival & Video Series

Fund the most innovative event coming to Boston!

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Project Description

We Are Raising Money to Change Lives Through:

  • The “Dare to Dream Festival” – September 7, 2018 Boston, MA with 50 different interactive activities.

  • Online programs where you’ll make one dream come true in ten weeks while playing and having fun.

  • Free online classes released each day by awesome teachers in visual arts, cooking, dancing, writing, circus, etc.

  • Free partnership programs with the best teachers, small businesses, and performers so they can do what they love.

1. Dare to Dream Festival

Dare to Dream Festival

“DARE TO DREAM FESTIVAL” –  over 50 Interactive Activities!


Health/Fitness, Culinary/ Wine/ Mixology, High Adventure, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Design/ Fashion/ Costuming, Circus, Media/Photography/ Videography, Personal Advancement, Writing/ Journalism, Technology/Graphics, Entrepreneurship, Design/Build

Take What You Learn and Perform it On Stage or Show it Off In Our Galleries.

WE MAKE YOU A STAR! Buy tickets today for yourself and loved ones @ 40% off.

2. Online Quest: Launch Your Biggest Dream in 10 Weeks While Having Fun


You know that moment on Monday when your scrolling through social media not wanting to start work or all the tasks presented, and you’re thinking about how to make it through the week. Imagine if instead you were excited for the week because each day held something new, fun, and exciting that built your confidence, made you healthier and put you on the path to your biggest dreams coming true? Welcome to Dare to Dream Quest, because your life is meant to be bigger than you can imagine right now, and it’s time to find out just how amazing it can get.

3. Free Online Dream Classes in Your Inbox


Ever wanted to write that novel, learn to Tango, create jewelry, paint, draw, make videos, travel, do circus arts, become a chef, learn calligraphy or sign language. Starting in January, each day we will bring you a new class, taught by our brilliant teachers, who will help build your skills each month, daring you to try new activities. Dreams are possible. We teach you how in small steps that build over the year.

These free classes not only change your life, but they help small businesses, teachers, artists, and performers to bring their special talents to a global marketplace. They’ll be able to teach every person who has a dream how to get started.

4. Supporting Artists, Performers, and Small Businesses:


Most  artists, performers, and small business owners can fall below the poverty level as they struggle to keep their dream alive. Many take jobs that don’t allow them time to share their incredible talent. Small business owners work long hours sometimes making less than minimum wage while bringing incredible value to the community. All designs created for our brand are royalty based at a higher rate so that the artist can create a secondary avenue of revenue. Each partner is given free advertising and space at the Dare to Dream Festival. The program is being created to help our communities to keep what makes them strongest alive and help them to thrive.

“I’ve based the vision of DreamsCo and Dare to Dream on helping others. Having owned a small business and being an artist, I know how hard it is to advertise your craft or product when you’re in ‘start-up’ mode. By creating a free program, I can help other businesses and artists to share their talents and products through my brand. In turn, they share their knowledge through online video courses that can have a global impact.”

Marci Nault – Huffington Post