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Dance Center of Florida

DCFstudio is a woman/black owned dance studio centrally located in Miami, FL near the artistic sights of Wynwood.

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Project Description


Dance Center of Florida (@DCFstudio) is a multi-use local dance studio located near the Wynwood Arts District. DCF Studio provides professional instruction in a variety of dance styles, helping students to develop an appreciation for art, express themselves creatively, and lead physically healthy lifestyles. We are dedicated to not only bringing strategic dance techniques to the community, but offering a safe space to all forms of visual arts. 

Dance Center of Florida's mission is to bring a professional and supportive dance center to Miami offering diverse dance training for both children and adults.  We are dedicated to working closely with all students by providing technical direction, artistic inspiration, and performance opportunities contributing to a well-rounded experience. 

We provide a space for students to achieve a true sense of accomplishment, whether or not they are planning a career in the dance field. 

Our artistic environment allows each student to express themselves through movement and creativity as well as achieve poise, grace, body conditioning, and the self-confidence that one develops when disciplining the body, mind, and spirit.

At this time, DCFstudio is seeking funding to grow within the community and offer jobs to artists who wish to express their creativity through movement. The funds will also assist with hosting performance community events, sponsor low income students, and keep our dance home safe & secured.


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I get started/take classes at Dance Center of Florida?

Registrations are only required for children's classes in which a yearly commitment is expected upon joining. Based on the amount of classes selected or auditioned to be on team, monthly tuition will be billed automatically. Adult classes are drop in in which no registration is required and single class rates or packages are available for purchase. Classes can either be taken in person at DCFstudio location near Wynwood or virtually via Zoom.

  • Is there an age limit or restriction?

We offer classes starting at the age of 3 years old with no limit upon joining. All levels are accepted for group classes and private lessons are also available upon request.

  • What should I wear for class?


Dancing is about movement and enjoyment. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that allows you to be flexible and relaxed for all adult classes. Depending on the style, sneaker shoes may or may not be required and/or ankle supported heels.

Children classes are required to wear black leotards with tights for ballet. All other styles such as Jazz, Contemporary, and Acrobatics will still need a black leotard but with black shorts or pants. Hip Hop is the only style in which any comfortable clothes are allows with sneakers.

  • What styles of dance do you offer?

We currently offer the various styles for both Children and Adults in Ballet, Acrobatics, Contemporary, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Jazz, Breakdance, House, Jazz Funk, Heels, Salsa and Bachata. 


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