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Project Description


Why do we need human touch?

All of us have experienced feelings of loneliness, stress, and a deep sense of missing out at times.  What we are feeling is a biochemical yearning for something that is missing in our lives. Research shows that nurturing touch plays an integral role in human beings’ ability to feel connected to others.  Unfortunately, our society is suffering from chronic touch deprivation and therefore many people are lacking the ability to have some of their very basic needs met.  Cuddlist is providing a modality through which platonic healthy touch can be received by all who need it.  With over 10,000 clients to-date, including people with disabilities and those with chronic illnesses, Cuddlist is doing groundbreaking work using our Trusted Touch Based Protocols.


What does Cuddlist offer?

Cuddlist’s services are provided by 107 practitioners to-date who are certified in this healing modality through the Cuddlist Certification Training Program.  By training holistic practitioners, we are making consensual, affectionate touch available in a safe way that was not previously available through other forms of therapy and counseling.

Our clients report tremendous benefits:

Increased levels of Oxytocin

Reduced stress and anxiety

Increased sense of self-worth

Decreased Inflammation

Reduced blood pressure

General well being and gratitude

Increased ability to respond to challenges

A greater sense of belonging


What are Cuddlist’s Trusted Touch-Based Protocols™?

A standardized procedure that allows access to healthy touch in a controlled environment through guided secure structures.


How is Cuddlist making a difference?

Most people with disabilities/chronic illnesses have experienced some level of being denied agency over their own body – whether it’s as a result of a clinical/medical setting, family relationships, or society at large.  Cuddlist offers a space to reclaim your voice and your choices around human contact and fully realize your ability to connect with others in satisfying ways.  Through Cuddlist, those who are touch-deprived are able to feel like a whole person and, for some, it’s the first time in their lives they’ve achieved that state of being, without just being seen for the disability or illness.

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Why is Cuddlist raising money?

We are raising money through iFundWomen so those who cannot access our services are able to have them.  We are asking for your support to enable us to provide healthy touch and human connection to those in the differently abled community and others with chronic illnesses who are in need of platonic touch and would greatly benefit from working with a Cuddlist practitioner.  A Cuddlist session will inevitably improve the overall well-being and quality of life for many of the people in these communities.  Thank you so much for joining our mission to treat and heal those suffering from chronic touch deprivation!