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Creating Rewards In A Jar

Everyone wants to have victories when cooking. Some need more help to get there.

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Do you remember the first time you successfully cooked something? The wave of accomplishment that washed over you with that first perfect bake, delicious stir-fry, or elusive cookbook dish. That success came with determination, practice, and the right tools for the job. Our mission is to help people get that reward in their kitchen fermenting foods. 

Home-based cooks with different interests sometimes need a little help to get started. Our products focus on fermentation, canning, and pickling of foods. Ever wanted to make your own freshly made pickled veggies, yogurt, hot sauce, probiotic drinks? You can do that and much more. The possibilities are endless! Given the right information and tools, anyone can have success.

The products market for fermentation is expected to reach $205,465 Million globally by 2023. What does this mean? There is a demand for applications in not just stable economic markets but developing economies as well!

This company not only offers products to make those rewards easier to achieve but also educates on the health and life benefits of each food preparation method.


Me and my stars, my reason to succeed

Our family-owned team is small. Just myself and my small children but im determined to help others achieve increased gut-health and good quality of life. I run this business to show my children that hard work and focus pay off. That their mom can fight the hurdles life throws at me and be stronger. 

Funding will be used for product manufacturing, freight fulfillment, informational material, and advertising. 

Thank you so much for your time. Your donations help fund a dream to help others!


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is Fermentation Good For You?

Yes! Fermentation has positive benefits for increasing immunity, brain functions, and essential probiotics.



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