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Connecting people with holistic pain relief!

After years of pain, I finally discovered holistic healing through Chiropractic. Help me connect people in pain with the same care!

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Project Description

  • My Chiropractic Solutions is passionate about growing business for Chiropractors who are passionate about helping people, who offer affordable care, and are invested in their client's over-all health and (my favorite part) connecting these healers with people who desperately need their help. I have been one of those people before.
  • At 21 I had a series of skateboard accidents that left me in excruciating pain. Chiropractic was one of the only things to get me out of bed. I am incredibly passionate about holistic health, and chiropractic fits in that category. I am amazed at the help I received from the practitioners I worked with, so it just feels right to help them grow their business so they can help more people like me...and you!


  • What makes us different- Much like the businesses we are helping, we are also a small business. So we understand how important running your very own business is, it's like your baby. We treat our clients with respect and personalize each step for them.


Every Move We Make Is Customized To Meet The Needs Of Our Clients
We take the time getting to know our clients, to personalize each step of the process. We want them to feel confident and involved.
  • My Chiropractic Solutions is run by myself and my teammate Angela. She is a talented graphic designer, social media specialist, and content creator. She has helped me considerably and my goal is to give her several raises as my business grows, she deserves that. She has expressed interest in growing with me, and I want to reward her with the promotion title and job responsibilities as Social Media Specialist vs just a VA when I am able to pay her more.
My Team
Say hello to my team!


  • Seeking funding- We have decided to try outsourcing and seek funding through this campaign. We have quite a bit of expenses such as running ads, paying my team, paying for training, setting up the LLC, different services we need, our software, and a lot more. Any drop of money we get would all go into the business expenses of finding people who need help but don’t know where to turn and connecting them with holistic healers.


  • I would be forever grateful having you be apart of my team's growth, and the growth of so many others who could very possibly be touched by this business. Thank you so much! -Madeline 


  • thank you!
    Your kindness is beautiful.



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