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Companion Candles - big growth!

Clean candles for you + your most precious companion. We signed two big box retailers & will use the funds to fulfill purchase orders!

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Project Description

I’m Loren Lewin, and I started my company Companion Candles in 2021, after many hours of quarantining with my rescue pup, Mylo. After nearly a full year of living indoors with candles burning around the clock, I began to question what was in the air I was breathing, and realized my store-bought candles did not live up to their claims, or my standards, and that most of them were filled with foreign ingredients that were not only harmful to me, but to Mylo too. I threw out my store- bought candles and started making my own: a purer, clean version; and I never looked back. I believe in living mindfully and providing products that serve multi-purposes. One of the great things about candle jars is that they can be reused to hold many things: toothbrushes, pens, makeup brushes, plants, hair ties, matches...the list goes on.

Companion Candles is more than another candle company (don’t worry, I know there are many for you to choose from out there!). Our scents are inspired by the delicate moments with your favorite companion by our side. It was important to me that this brand stood for something and had a backbone. Not only did I want to try to make the houses our animals call home safer, I wanted to ensure that we were able to help animals that didn’t have a home just yet. Research shows that companion animals not only provide us with unconditional love and joy, but offer health benefits for both humans and pets. We strive to be a part of the movement that raises awareness about animal cruelty and abuse. This is why we donate $1 to an animal welfare organization of your choice with every candle purchased.

Under my leadership, Companion Candles was accepted to Rebecca Minkoff’s prestigious Female Founder Collective, can be found in multiple stores throughout the United States and has been featured in media outlets including The Today Show ("She Made it, Problem Solvers), Forbes, Well + Good, Coveteur, theSkimm and many more.

I will use the funds raised to fulfill purchase orders from two big box retailers (yay!!) and help pay my amazing freelance team that is helping me build the company.

You have no idea how much your support means to me; it is helping me build the business of my dreams.





The Campaign FAQs

Why Companion Candles?

Quarantine, right? When COVID hit and our founder, Loren, was spending 99.9% of her days in her small, city apartment with her dog (Mylo), she began to question what was really in the candles she was constantly burning and inhaling. While they may be "safe" for her, what about Mylo, who was breathing the same air she was? After doing much research, Loren couldn't find any candles in market that she felt were truly non-toxic to animals. Thus, Companion Candles was born.

Why coconut-soy blend wax? Why paraffin and phthalate free?

On top of being non-toxic, the coconut-soy wax sourced for our candles is made from pesticide free coconuts. We have found that coconut wax offers the best quality and longest burn. Many candles are made with some not-so-fab ingredients including phthalates and paraffin wax (derived from petroleum), along with other harmful chemicals and toxins. We don't want to be inhaling it, and hope you don't either! We source from the highest quality fragrance oil companies in the world. With decades of experience, their teams are certified by the International Fragrance Association to ensure compliance quality standards.

What type of wick is used?

We use eco-friendly, clean-burning, wooden wicks made from FSC Certified Wood, hand-crafted + made in the USA.

Why donate a portion of proceeds?

We envision a world where giving back is built into every business model.

I want to help out! How can I?

We love to hear from our customers and are always looking for feedback! Feel free to reach out to us at (we promise there's a real human on the other end of that email!)



Monetary Contribution

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Monetary Contribution

Donate $30+ & I will send you a candle!

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