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COMP will provide market analysis convenience and accuracy to property management companies with a platform that is readily accessible.

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Project Description

Property Management Companies rely on detailed, timely information about the competing market in order to be able to react intelligently to an ever-changing competitive environment. Currently, obtaining Market Surveys, Bed Counts, Current Occupancy, Pre-Lease Occupancy, and other vital property statistics is fraught with misinformation and reporting delays.  Additionally, they leech valuable time and resources to obtain. 

COMP will provide immediate, live, factual data at your fingertips with flexible and customizable access. COMP will extract and analyze the most accurate and up to date reports. This will enable property managers, corporate offices, ownership entities, and shareholders information to ensure the best return on investment. 

Our current market average is dependent on the amount of properties in the united states. The average number of properties that COMP we be able to service is about 6,655,155. 

COMP is a software system that offers companies easy access to irrefutable data in order to conduct a weekly marketing analysis as well as allows corporate companies an at a glance display of their own portfolio. 

The current issue of conducting a marketing analysis is an extremely tedious process that accounts for several hours of lost productivity weekly. Often inaccurate information is accounted for making it extremely difficult to accurately compare and analyze across market properties. 

COMP is currently seeking funding to support the development of our software system. This funding will help to expedite our design and development process, which will allow us to launch our software prototype. These funds will strictly go towards business development.

Our team currently consist of a 2 currently members, Kaysee Hayes (Founder/CEO) Jessy Talarico (Co-Founder/COD).

We at COMP would like to Thank you for your support and your charitable donations to our Campaign. We are dedicated to changing the market, one survey at a time. It is important that you know and understand how much of a difference it make for the development of our company.  We look forward to keeping you updated with our amazing process. Welcome to the COMP family. 

The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is COMP: Property Management Analysis Software System
  • How do we contact you:
  • When will this software be complete: Expected Date January 2022

For more questions or comments please email

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