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ComfortArm – No More Embarrassing Sweat Marks

Patent Pending, sweat stain protector to avoid those embarrassing marks on your shirt

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Project Description

ComfortArm is a transparent, skin-friendly application that adheres directly to your pits. It’s the best way to avoid those embarrassing sweat marks on your garment. No more “hard to get rid of” yellow pit stains and replacing another favorite shirt. Made from organic materials, ComfortArm is the best solution to underarm perspiration and body odor.



Eliminate the stress of throwing out and replacing your favorite shirts. Save yourself money and the embarrassment and get ComfortArm.


We wanted to come up with a design that provided comfort and confidence at the same time – and ComfortArm is just that. Crafted with a winged design, ComfortArm provides you with maximum security throughout the day while keeping the guard safely secured under the arm. This butterfly shape covers the arm pit completely placing the cotton core at the center to capture and lock in the moisture.