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The Collective

A community incubator for female entrepreneurs designed to help them develop their business ideas so they can lead successful organizations.

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Project Description

My mission in creating The Collective is to create a community incubator for female entrepreneurs and startups to help them experiment, create and develop their business ideas so they can lead successful brands.

Atlanta is known to be one of the largest female entrepreneur hubs and emerging cities in the US. However, there are gaps that limit the growth of female entrepreneurs. These gaps include disproportionate barriers for black and minority women entrepreneurs, business education, access (and education) to funding, lack of consistent mentorship and support. I want to help close those gaps and remove those barriers by creating opportunities for business training, and help them to develop their personal brand while positioning them as leaders in their industry. 


The Collective is a membership community and co-working lab designed to help entrepreneurs thrive in business. We will teach our members business, brand, and marketing skills to help them become known online while creating a collaborative community of support. 

I am seeking funding for this project to help me acquire the space, design, and furnish a safe environment set to empower and help creativity and positive energy thrive. In addition to this, I am seeking funding to provide the necessary staff, resources, tools, and tech for business and brand development.  

Being a part of this mission will help close the gaps for female entrepreneurs and remove the barriers that many black and minority women are faced with in trying to build their businesses. Your support will help to equip them with the tools to create a successful business, which will, in turn, create more opportunities for their communities. Thank you so much for considering The Collective, we appreciate your support.



The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is The Collective For? 

The Collective is for female entrepreneurs who are in startup or advanced stage of business and are seeking community and business services to grow and scale. 

Where will The Collective be located? 

The Collective will be located in Cobb County, which is within the Metropolitan area of Atlanta, GA. 

How will members participate in The Collective? 

The Collective will in the form of a membership program where members can pay monthly or annually to participate in our community. 




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Just Because I Care

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