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Clothing a Queen

Ehyeh Boutique is elated to roll out our "Clothing a Queen" campaign. We want to help women of different sizes feel and look like a Queen.

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Project Description

Ehyeh Boutique is elated to roll out our "Clothing a Queen" campaign. We want to help women of all backgrounds, ages, and all SIZES to feel like a Queen. The "Clothing a Queen" campaign is focused on teaching the next generation about walking in stylish modesty and confidence.


As a boutique owner I meet women daily who have insecurities about their bodies. As a Crohn's disease warrior I can completely relate and understand body image issues. After many years of taking different types of medications, including steroids, my weight has fluctuated tremendously. I went from a size 10/12 rapidly to a size 5/6, then up to a size 14/16. Yep, and you can imagine this size roller coaster has not been fun!! 

Most women that we have come in contact with think negative of their own body proportion, height, weight, skin, hair, and even age. They compare themselves daily to celebrities and sometimes memories of their younger selves.

We meet young girls and ladies that feel they have to wear extremely revealing clothing to obtain attention. They advertise body parts instead of morals, talents, and brains.



Ehyeh Boutique is dedicated to empowering women to feel their very best in any setting and this is why we are seeking funding. I am eager to not only sell a wider variety of clothing, but more importantly a wider variety of sizes. Right now we are proud to say we sell Happy Sizes up to 3X, and as you know larger sizes cost more. 

We believe that if more images of confident women dressed in chic clothing bombarded social media instead of the opposite, we can change the mindset of a generation.With this being said, we plan on doing more marketing with positive images of women draped in the integrity and determination of a Queen. And with the funding we receive through this campaign will be able to do just that.


Mollies Closet is a new program that we have started this year. It has been a dream of mine to do more for our community. Mollie Smith was my grandmother and she had a huge heart. She would give to so many in need. Mollie would cook for the needy and sick. When I was growing up she made sure I never needed anything. My mother was a single parent and she struggled to make ends meet, but Mollie made certain I didn't look like it. Because she knew kids could be mean and bully each other, she would buy me the latest fashion. Sometimes she would secretly pay our utilities and buy groceries. She was AMAZING!! 

So in her memory we would like to dress and encourage women who are starting over. We want to donate to local shelters, rehab programs, veterans, and women have recently exited prison and are entering the corporate workforce. And of course the elderly and nursing home patients need our help.






I am proud to be the sole owner of Ehyeh Boutique in Pine Mountain, Ga. After working a corporate job for 11 years, I stepped out on faith and became a vendor for different conferences and events. To my surprise the demand became overwhelmingly high, and my loving and supportive husband encouraged me to open a physical store. We saved up and did all the manual labor ourselves.

I am so grateful to my loyal customers. With their support and business, I can humbly say that Ehyeh Boutique was opened and has been running with no loans!! I especially want to thank my family and friends who have donated time helping me with the needs of the business. I love you more than words can express.




I want to also thank you for taking the time out to find out more about this campaign. Ehyeh Boutique is incredibly grateful for any donation. This month we have a theme called "Lovebox".  We are encouraging people to open their Lovebox, or heart, and share love. In conclusion Ehyeh Boutique would like to say "Thank you!" for opening your Lovebox.  Please share this campaign with others. 




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