Chakra Meditations

Exploring the body's energy centers through guided visualisations.

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Project Description

Life is a combination of what we are born with, what our family and tribe teach us, and how we internalize our life experiences. We have been given the Chakra system to learn how to cope with life and discover our greatest potential. 

The good news is we can change our lives and our circumstances by aligning with our highest purpose. We can begin to take responsibility for the choices we make when life challenges us by aligning with our divine creative energy. That energy stream can be found with in each of us circulating through the seven Chakras.

The Chakra system is part of an ancient Indian medical practice called ayurveda. There are seven primary energy centers in our body that develop with us as we grow from birth towards death.

This series of guided visualisations will explore each Chakra and allow the listener to focus their awareness on healing and balancing their energy. The hustle and bustle of modern life makes meditation and healing seem daunting for beginners. The long time practitioner will want an opportunity to receive guidance in order to slip into that deeper state of manifestation. 

Your contributions will cover the cost of recording and editing four hours per Chakra. That is a total of twenty eight hours of paid studio time. The recorded sessions will then be made available for private use and as a part of a series of Chakra based Yoga workshops. This project is meant to enhance the human condition through expanding the spiritual experience. Self-study is a key component to personal growth and emotional wellness. These guided visualisations are one of many tools to help in this process.

Thank you.


The Project FAQs

Why is meditation so important? 

We are constantly barraged by outside stimuli like cell phones, computers, friends, family. There are always distractions that cause us to run primarily on auto-pilot. Meditation allows us to take command of our lives, increases our self awareness, and encourages us to take responsibility for the choices we make. Life is something we live not something that happens to us.

Why is meditation so hard?

Our conscious mind is like a toddler hopped up on sugar. We are trained to follow directions as little people. Our rules and expectations are given to us as we grow and develop. We must be shown how to seek out quiet time or quiet spaces in order to allow our minds to settle. Just like any new skill, meditation takes practice, patience, and persistence.

What should I do if I just can't find the time to meditate?

There's a saying in yoga; "If you can't meditate for an hour then meditate for two hours". We can always find the time to meditate. We imagine ourselves as having to attain perfection instead of accepting where we are in the present. Guided meditations, like the ones in this project, begins to train our mind by allowing the body to get comfortable being still. The goal is really to be aware of our thoughts and find a sense of peace in their existence instead of fighting against ourselves.

The moral is to be patient, persistent, and above all PRACTICE.


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