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CAMPspace is a hub & space for women content creators who are using their digital voice to change the world and inspire.

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Project Description



CAMPspace is a hub for women content creators who are using their digital voice to change the world and inspire the masses. Our mission is to create a world where people understand their influence, and know that it can be used to sustain their lifestyle and help them accomplish their wildest dreams. This mission is executed in a number of ways:

  • a physical location that is booked hourly by content creators to shoot their photo, video, podcast and event content,
  • the Shades of Content podcast that teaches women of color how to create and distribute content as a means to tell stories to the masses, and
  • a monthly EDIT: Virtual Check In, which is a safe space for women creators of color to connect, vent and join forces.  EDIT was created to help our audience figure out a way forward post-COVID-19, and each event focuses on a different subgroup, e.g. photographers, influencers, bloggers, etc.

There is a massive need and potential for providing a true hub for women content creators of color. The facts are alarming:

  • Content creators of color don't receive the same pay, if any, as their white counterparts.
  • The pay disparity between white and nonwhite creators/influencers is typically due to discrimination.
  • Content creators of color aren’t considered for larger brand campaigns and partnerships at the same rate.
  • Content creators of color are undermined and are asked to work in exchange for product, with their time not being seen as valuable

Women creators of color are change agents, thought leaders and some of the most creative beings on the planet. Since our inception, we’ve hosted creators like Kahlana Barfield Brown, Ty Alexander, Jenee’ Naylor,  and LaVondra Shinholster (@typicalblaqueen). We’ve also worked with brands like Glamour Magazine and Visa, and was recently featured on Black Girls Rock's Instagram page.   

It’s time for this group to be celebrated and poured into, and I hope that CAMPspace is the breeding ground for that type of 360 degree content creator support.



COVID-19 has really taught me the value of spending money wisely, working as lean as possible and ensuring that every penny spent is spent on a necessity, asset or investment, rather than a liability. Your support would allow us to do the following:

  • Build out CAMPspace’s own client-facing mobile app and website that allows a streamlined booking process. This technology will automatically give the business back 20% of it’s revenues, as we are no longer paying a third party company a commission on bookings secured through them.  This technology could also be another revenue stream, as there can be a white-label version sold to other space operators who need a reliable booking system. The technology (likely a mobile app) would allow customers to do the following:
    • View virtual tours of the space(s) and all of it’s rooms/features
    • View our calendar, in real time, to see and select preferred booking dates and times in all of our locations
    • Select staff for their shoots in the space. This would included photographers, videographers, engineers and make up artists  
    • Pay for space rental directly
    • Receive calendar invite and reminders as booking approaches
    • Review/tip staff members for excellent service
    • Receive credits/loyalty points for frequent bookings
    • Post updates to their social media pages during their bookings
    • Upload their own content (captured in the space) for others to see/share
    • * Purchase apparel and promotional items that help them show off being a women content creator
  • Increase marketing outreach so we can reach more of the people who need the space and our resources
  • Store away money in our savings account to ensure security for more rainy days



My bio - Patrice Cameau (pronounced "kuh-moh") is the owner of CAMPspace®, a hub for women content creators of color. Patrice uses CAMPspace and her podcast, Shades of Content, to elevate these important, yet, often overlooked voices and believes fully that our influence can lead us all to living the lives of our dreams!

Patrice is also a communications & marketing expert with 15+ years of experience elevating a host of sports, nonprofit, entertainment and lifestyle entities. Having managed publicity and marketing campaigns for Super Bowl Champion, Troy Polamalu; the Veterans of Foreign Wars; Covenant House International; Gangster Vegan Organics, and Grammy nominated artist, Wale, she is passionate about strategically telling her client's fascinating stories.

Patrice received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, with an emphasis in Public Relations, from the University of Maryland College Park in 2005, and a Master of Arts degree in Public Communication from American University (DC) in 2010. When Patrice isn't running CAMPspace or working with clients, she is spending time with her 3-times deployed Army Reservist husband and their 3 children.

Patrice Cameau


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