Bull City Music School

A full-service music school located in Durham, North Carolina focused on developing the whole musician.

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Project Description

What is Bull City Music School:

Bull City Music School located in Durham, North Carolina, was created to fill the void of providing top-notch and extensive opportunities for all people to study the performing arts. Budgets cuts to our schools and arts funding were another reason we decided to pick up the mantle and ensure our thriving city had a place for top-tier teachers and performers to teach. 

We are a full-service music school that offers instruction on all musical instruments. Each of our teachers hold music degrees and have extensive performing experience. Our mission is to provide quality student-centered education with an emphasis on developing the whole musician.

Our Offerings:

Bull City Music School offers instruction on piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, acoustic and bass guitar, all woodwinds and brass instruments, percussion and music technology. Classes at BCMS are filled with music theory, aural training, and diverse musical repertoire.

Why Your Help Matters:

Your donation will help us pay for state of the art music technology, build out our awesome new space and retain the most advanced teachers and staff that we need to be successful.

Not only will your donation help us get started with as little debt as possible, but it will also allow us to build a recording studio and digital music lab to help teach our students how to fully round out their modern music education.

Your donation will also allow us to provide the ability to rent out our spaces to musicians in Durham and traveling to our thriving community. This will help us pay off our equipment faster so we can provide more enriching experiences for our students, faculty, and staff. We are excited about the wonderful and growing arts scene in Durham and we plan to partner with other amazing entities in the area for festivals, concerts, master classes and provide a friendly, state of the art place to come and practice your craft at, affordable prices.

Our Awesome Team:

BCMS has a dynamic staff of teachers, a brand manager, and photographer.

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What We Are Spending Our Money On:

Funding will be spent on preparing our space and securing digital and acoustic pianos with Disklavier add/ons. We want to offer a recording lab with 5 workstations and top quality software.

You can see how we are preparing to responsibly use our funding by viewing the videos below:

Planning Our Space

Bull City Music School has a new location in Durham and a lofty new goal. To move in by October 2017 and raise funds to prepare the space and invest in state of the art equipment that will propel the school’s students to new heights in a modern approach to a classical education in music! The team is onsite planning the pace with the help of BCMS staff and a visit from Yahama dealer, Richard from Ruggero’s Pianos. This is going to be a fun ride!

Picking Our Pianos

Jeanetta Hopkins and her BCMS crew take a trip to Raleigh, NC to learn about the state of the art pianos, that Yamaha has to offer. With access to the highest quality standard instruments the industry has to answer, Bull City Music School will be poised to offer it’s students and teachers the finest in cutting-edge technology. Special thanks to Ruggero’s Piano for the excellent learning opportunity!

The Risks and Challenges Involved:

As with any project, risks are inevitable. Being that we are a start up music school we want to fiscally responsible yet at the same time provide quality instruments matching our superior teaching ability. Our biggest risk is obtaining enough quality instruments (pianos) to sustain our current roster. We would like to not worry so much about being in serious debt and focus our time and energy on serving the community.