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I use my 20+ years experience as a business strategist to help moms start a home business that's *Viable - Branded - Profitable*

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Project Description

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Aspring Mompreneur was created to help moms build successful businesses so that they can truly enjoy and experience personal and financial freedom

Who am I?

I am Irene Krasnoff, Founder of Aspiring Mompreneur. In business for over 20 years, I spent 10 years managing and marketing a variety of social services programs. I personally raised $5+ million in government and private funding which provided over 2,000 families with basic necessities like food, employment, housing, etc.

During the last three years, of my full time social services career, I went to school in the evenings to work on my MBA at The University of Texas at Austin.  In 2005 I graduated and went on to work for IBM as a Business Transformation Consultant until 2009 when I founded a sales and marketing business assisting various organizations with their sales and marketing strategy.  Then in 2012 I finally had a baby, a long awaited dream that my husband and I had.   I continued my sales and marketing business on a part-time basis helping small and medium sized businesses to create efficient processes and grow their revenue. My biggest success story was helping a client get to a 6 figure business within 2 years.

Aspiring Mompreneur

Being an entrepreneural mom inspired me to create Aspiring Mompreneur. It is my way to empower other moms to fulfill their passions while earning that much desired profit while working from home.  This means:

  • Moms breaking the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle
  • Moms providing their children a better quality of life
  • Moms building solid retire funds and college funds for their kids
  • Moms having that little extra to splurge with!
  • Most importantly, the ability to have a flexible work schedule to be more available for their children

Most moms are overworked and underpaid. They have limited discretionary income. I frequently come into contact with moms who cannot afford my services which range from $500 to over $5,000 per year, though I have some lower priced products.   They need my more customized services  which has a higher price tag to get the initial foundation of their business laid out.

That’s why I offer subsidized services for a select group of moms who are ambitious and willing to put in the work to create their businesses.

Results I Achieved So Far

  • Over one hundred moms received work at home resources to find their perfect job
  • 5 moms with the basic foundation of a profitable business
  • 2 moms changed their business ideas after we did market research to validate their original idea. Now they are providing services that their target market actually wants
  • 1 mom made $70,000 last year via her existing consulting business which needed revamping

I achieved all the above results working part-time so that I could take care of my daughter and teach her ABCs and 123s.

Here’s Where I Need Help!

To partially offset the business costs associated with helping my select group of 10 moms achieve their long standing dreams and ambitions and move out of poverty and into the limelight!

Campaign Goals

My main goal is to current clients average a minimum of $5K per month in revenue from their new businesses, which for some would be life changing. With my 20 years of expertise, I will provide these women with every service that will enable them (with hard work and persistence) to increase their revenue to anywhere from 40-80%.

This is totally achievable with the resources I personally provide:

  • Consulting sessions for six weeks to help moms take a business idea from concept to reality with real world challenges creating and running a business and balancing taking care of their families
  • How to Start Your Dream Business guide for working and stay at home moms.
  • E-courses and webinars partnered with the best in the business

Bracha & Me at Art (500 by 500)Mom and child working at homeworking with school age child

These moms need the guidance to quickly meet their goals while catering to their innate desire to nurture their children. 

Please support me in my mission to enable mothers to provide for their families without the financial worries that often come with being a stay at home mom, or having most of your paycheck go toward childcare.
These moms need the guidance to quickly meet their goals while catering to their innate desire to nurture their children.
Visit for more information.

iFund Women Budget

Funds requested: $5,500

*Administrative Costs- Website Developer & Virtual Assistant:   I plan to hire the services of a website developer to help me build a membership site for moms to access resources at a low monthly fee of $15 to $30.

* Hire a graphic designer to create graphics  to build a profitable brand

* Creating digital products, e-courses, webinars.

*Advertising – To grow the collective email list and promote freebies, video e-courses, drive traffic to website.

 The ultimate objective is to provide services to aspiring mom entrepreneurs in need of help to create and run highly profitable businesses