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Brocks Family Drinks

From Our Family Traditions to Yours

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Our story is unique, for sure. I am a single mom of four boys.  I was a single mom of two boys, ages 18 and 9, for 15 years until almost three years ago. In late 2020 I adopted two brothers, ages 6 and 8, from foster care. This was not in my plans initially, but I believe there was always a higher plan for me, and I didn’t know it yet. After almost a year of doing okay, things changed when I had to switch jobs making less money to be around more for them, and I found myself at a food bank with my boys. Things are much better now, but as I thought about ensuring financial security for my sons, I was scared about the outlook that I currently have. With one currently in college and 3 to go now, I had to make some bold moves. I decided to use what I had and change what I could. I went back to school in 2021. On May 13th,2023, just a few weeks ago, I graduated From Texas A& M School of Law with my Master of Jurisprudence in Law and three graduate certificates in Employment law, Risk management, and Business Law and Compliance. 

I have always been the family mixologist, bringing my blender to every family occasion! I have been giving away my drinks for years. I started being intentional about my drinks, surveying what people liked, and soliciting feedback. I finally got a perfect recipe for my most famous drink, which is alcohol-based, Whiskey, to be more specific. This canned cocktail will be sold individually, in a four-pack, and party size in what looks like a barrel. I have found a company to curate it for large batching and help prepare my new drink for the market. 


My vision is to use this company to help my family and others by using a percentage of the proceeds for a program I have developed that will give grants to youth aging out of the foster care system and provide a 6-month life skills training program. The tagline for our company is from our family traditions to yours, whether you have some or will build new ones. The goal is to share wisdom, knowledge, and insight with these young adults and provide much-needed financial support.


This funding would start a domino effect process in what I truly believe will change life outcomes for many in the future, starting with my four boys but continuing to the many faceless kids many that are given a trash bag with all their belonging and a bus ticket when they age out of foster care.

This funding would be used to commercialize my first SKU of Brock’s Family line of drinks. From the large batch formulation to paying for co-packing raw materials, cans, etc., and the first small batch order that would go on shelves.


Canned cocktails are excellent investments, with no signs of slowing down. The global canned alcoholic beverages market size was valued at USD 9.20 billion in 2021. It is projected to reach USD 45.72 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 19.5% during the forecast period (2022–2030). North America is the most significant revenue contributor and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19% during the forecast period.

Our drinks have been recreated countless times and are proven crowd favorites.


Thanks for your time!


Kindra Brock


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