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Bridging the Gap in the Digital Divide

Network as a Service for Everyone by providing intelligent broadband connectivity that bridges the gap in the digital divide.

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Project Description

  • The mission of Dalet Access is to enable the economic empowerment of underserved urban and rural communities through connectivity platforms that foster growth. ​
  • In the world today, broadband connectivity is as essential as having electric power service in your home or business.  Rural and underserved communities typically have broadband access that is expensive and provides them with minimal upload and download speeds and/or no service at all in some areas.
  • The Network as a Service (NaaS) Global Market as of 2020 was valued at $8.04B  and is expected to grow to become over $45B by 2026 within the global managed service market which has been valued in 2021 to be over 161B.
  • The Dalet Access Network as a Service (NaaS) platform provides our customers with the following services:
    • Broadband Connectivity services 
      • The Dalet Connect Broadband platform offers low cost and enhanced cyber security for:
        • Residential Services
        • Commercial Services
      • Our intelligent broadband platform scales and is secure as it automates data with fast and adaptive processing capabilities
    • Cyber Security Services
      • We help customers design and implement:
        • Integrated security and visibility architecture
        • Cybersecurity readiness and resiliency
        • Adherence to global governance standards and initiatives
        • Processes and procedures that help customers address business risk and uncover threats
    • IoT Gateway Services
      • Our affordable intelligent IoT Gateway platform adaptable and can scale, manage, and automate data and processes across our network infrastructure to enable:
        • Enhanced data management
        • Asset management
    • IoT Asset Tracking Services
      • Our services enable us to track assets by connecting software and hardware on a centralized network with enhanced management capabilities.
      • Our service enables the:
        • Monitoring of assets locations in real-time using geolocation mapping technology
        • Inventory management of all assets on your network
  •  We are seeking funding to build our team, so that we can complete the deployment of our intelligent fabric in the Humboldt County Fairhaven and Samoa Communities. We also want to begin the rollout of our platform within Eureka and neighboring communities.  Theses funds will also be used to onboard required resources to successfully deploy our fabric in each community we plan to deploy  within California and throughout the United States.
  • The Dalet Access Executive Team consist of:  


    Odion Edehomon​

    CEO - Founder/Thought Leader​

    • Over 30 years of outstanding leadership management, innovation, and engineering and sales experience​

    • While working with companies like Cisco, Juniper, Arista and Ixia (Keysight) has been praised for his aptitude for solution-oriented information technology with notable success in research & development and implementation of comprehensive corporate information platforms and complex security programs and sales development and management.​


    Sameer Lalwani - MBA,MSEE​

    CTO - Algorithm & Modeling​

    • Sameer Lalwani has more than 25 years of telecommunications experience advising wireless operators, government regulators, and infrastructure vendors on complex technology decisions and network deployment strategies.​

    • Experience includes Qualcomm supporting multiple G’s of wireless technologies. Facebook for planning Terragraph networks.​

    • Consulted for ITU, USTDA for targeting the underserved regions.​

    • Sameer, has also built AI tools for high resolution planning of Terragraph & Microwave networks and helped  develop Wavescape for Pivotal Commware used for mmWave repeaters global deployment.​


    Tonia Edehomon, MBA​
    COO - Operations Management​

    • Over 25 year of experience managing operational effectiveness and driving the implementation of key technology programs and strategic initiatives for major technology, energy, banking and oil and gas companies. ​

    • While working for companies like Symantec, and Riverbed Technologies, her approach and methodology have been widely praised by executives in understanding and untangling the complexity of IT and enabling businesses. ​

  • Dalet Access would like to personally thank each person that has contributed to the birth of Dalet Access Labs vision of building an intelligent network as a service platform that enables urban, rural and underrepresented communities with a connectivity platform that fosters economic development and community empowerment


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