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Blue Jug of Rockwall Alkaline Water

"No disease, Including Cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment."
- Dr Otto Warburg

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Project Description

Do you drink water? I want to offer a non toxic water to the community to help improve one's hydration, health, and help combat reversable ailments and protection from disease. Blue Jug's alkaline water filters out all the impurities and toxins and adds back in minerals that bring an antioxidant value and vitamin absorption to your health, it helps boost immunity and balance the pH levels in our body. Cancer cannot even thrive in an alkaline environment.  “No disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment.” -Dr. Otto Warburg  There is value in Blue Jug's water quality, quantity and competitive cost. With the consumer in mind and the desire to serve the communities health, Blue Jug is a unique tripple threat health market.  We even seek to help the environment with our recycle reuse method. 

I am seeking funding to contribute to the needs for the purchase of the equiptment needed to bring the alkaline water system and health items into a store front location in my local area. Its possible For you to benefit from the alkaline water and health items as well. If you are local to my location you can stop by and visit me and I will gladly give you a free gallon of Alkaline Water! If you are not near my location, but can find a location near you, they will gladly Love for you to come in and experience the alkaline water for free as well! I will also Market my health items via social media, allow for online ordering and shipping!

I have been studying Natural alternatives and nutrition for years now, and have experienced great results just within my own family's health as well as many friends and family around me with Nutrition lifestyle changes as well as adding in the icing on the cake, being Alkaline Water! 

My daughter has suffered for her entire life from inflammation , joint pain and deminished muscle and bone health, with some major nutrition changes the inflammation began to subside, but she was still functioning with body pain, and then, we brought in Alkaline water to her lifestyle, and her health has majorly improved on top of the nutrition changes , just within weeks! Her inflammation is at bay, enough to function without pain, she can dance around the house, she can think clearer, she can stand longer WithOUT major pain.   

Thank you so much for considering backing my campaign and contributing to building the health of the people . We value less stress and need more non toxic contributions to our health and environment.



The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • How Much Water should I drink?

  •   Rule of thumb, atleast half of your weight in oz per day. Ex. 150 lbs = 75 oz water per day . Proper hydration is important all months of the year. Stay hydrated. Make health your hobby and set goals to consume atleast half to Full of your weight in oz of water daily! 


  • What does Blue Jug Alkaline water help with?
  •  Blue Jugs natural process of alkaline water helps reduce inflammation, which is a common cause of pain and a disease of its own, improves vitamin absorption , reduces acid reflux, improves bone and muscle structure, brain function, joints, reduces risk of high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, diabetes , detoxing, colon cleansing, skin hydrating, weightloss, anti- aging(via liquid antioxidants that absorb rapidly in our bodyimproves immunity, rapid hydration , more efficient blood flow which increases oxygen throughout the body, cancer protection as cancer cells cannot thrive in an alkaline , oxygen- rich environment 


  • Does Alkaline water benefit athletes 
  •   A  recent study of 100 people found a significant difference in whole blood viscosity after consuming high-pH water compared to regular water after a strenuous workout. Viscosity is the direct measurement of how efficiently blood flows through the vessels.  Those who consumed high-pH water reduced viscosity by 6.3 percent compared to 3.36 percent with standard purified drinking water. This means blood flowed more efficiently with alkaline water. This can increase oxygen delivery throughout the body. = Rapid Hydration and Recovery Results ! 


  • Benefits of Alkaline water
  •   What and Why , pH scale 0-14 , 7.0 is neutral, below is acidic and above that is alkaline.  Blue Jug Alkaline water goes through a carbon filter, sediment filter, reverse osmosis for the cleaning process, and then a remineralizing process. Much like the Natural water process in the original well water and natural springs. Water wells should still be tested. Reverse Osmosis is actually what most water kiosks, bottled water and grocery store water is, and is acidic at 5.5-6.5 on the pH scale . Reverse osmosis gets rid of the bad stuff yes, but it actually gets rid of the good stuff (minerals our body needs). You don't want to drink reverse osmosis too much, for a long period of time it begins to leach minerals from you. The root cause of most diseases is due to acidity and inflammation. Our body is 70% water. You want to drink the Best water possible. Blue Jug alkaline water is 8.5-10.5 and it helps diffuse the acidity in our bodies, brings balance back in your system and contributes to your health in many ways.


  • BLue Jug Natural Alkalinity vs  Other's -Electric Alkalinity
  • Different types of alkaline water. There is an electric process and a natural process. Blue Jug is a natural process, we take it through a reverse osmosis process, ridding pharma drugs, pesticides, herbicides , fluoride, toxins, chlorine, chloramine and so much more. But we then add minerals back in the water , like natural water from a spring or well is. Natural will remain a high pH for a year or more, it is stable. The electric process alkalinity is unstable, unnatural and goes away within 24 hours.  Electric process is a medical grade water and only recommended to go on and off in a short amount of time and eventually your body rejects this type of alkalinity. Blue Jug is a Natural process and safe to consume anytime and is a healthier option with disease fighting ! 


  • IS Alkaline Water with a higher pH better for you? 
  • The higher pH doesn't necessarily mean it's better, Our body needs balance, so if you're in an acidic condition your body pulls calcium from your bones. Drinking alkaline water and consuming more leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts, sprouts brings a balance in your body. You want to drink water below 10.8 pH otherwise it's too high and can cause other issues.  Too much of a good thing can still be a bad thing, So drinking good quality water is key. Blue Jug brings an 8.5-10.5 pH level, we use a reverse osmosis process to clean out all the chemicals and toxins and then add trace minerals for a natural process providing a high antioxidant level! 


  • Carbon Dioxide is Acidic 
  • Are you drinking carbonated drinks?  Carbonated drinks are acidic and about 5.5-6.5 on the pH scale. If you are breathing out carbon dioxide and we want to create a more alkaline environment in our body,why would we want to bring it back into our system when you want more oxygen and hydrogen.  


  • What is Dead water 
  • Water that is void of the minerals our body needs. Dead water = distilled , reverse osmosis , ultra purified water. Now these cleansing processes are not all bad, it gets rid of all the bad stuff that is in water, but it also gets rid of the good stuff. Blue Jug Alkaline water is the closest to natural water you can get, like the once clean water wells, and natural springs. But today we have leaching into the wells , like farm run off, herbicides and pesticides leaching from fracking and so on. Dead water is not beneficial for us since all the bad and good is removed from it. Read your Labels on your water products! Blue Jug is here for you! 


  •  How is water hydration important
  • 5% dehydration results in 20-30% drop in physical performance.
  • 10% dehydration makes you sick. 
  • If you drink 10 oz of coffee , tea, soda, (caffine) removes 12 oz of water from your body. CAFFINE = Dehydrates 
  • When you wake up drink 16 oz of alkaline water first thing, add some lemon and himalayan salt , as it adds back to what you have lost over night.
  • Drink water continuously throughout the day
  • Depression and Anxiety can show a major turn around with proper hydration as seratonin levels in the brain are dependent on the right amount of hydration
  • moodiness is frequently caused by dehydration
  • Functions of water in the body -
  • mild dehydration slows metabolism by 3% and can effect brain function by 10-30%
  • transports nutrients and hormones
  • makes protein and enzymes function efficiently 
  • protects & hydrates organs and tissues 
  • slows down cell death
  • flushes out toxins and poisons
  • lubricates joints and ligaments
  • keeps aches and pains away (with the right kind of water!-Naturally made alkaline water)



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Monetary Contribution

Just because I care

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