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The Black Women Networking Foundation fund

For the advancement of Black Women owned Businesses

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Project Description

The Black Women Networking Foundation is raising funds for the following 

1. Use our buying power to support minority-owned businesses.
Encourage our supporters to find and support black-owned businesses with their consumer dollars. Our goal is to discover as many women black owned businesses and promote them

2. Write letters to national and local representatives.
By using our voices and write to national and local representatives. There are lots of regulations and laws at the state and local level that represent real barriers for minority businesses . ex: Business owners and businesses of color have more difficulty accessing new markets. And all governments, whether local or state, have contracting opportunities. Oftentimes those contract opportunities go to very, very, very large businesses. We petition to the local or state government to break up these big bundle contracting programs so that smaller and black-owned businesses can have access. Another barrier can oftentimes be how businesses get licenses. In many places, you have to jump through 50 different hoops and go to three different places and all of those things. Those are just barriers to people without as many resources

At the national level It's generally important to let our representatives in Congress know we care about how the Small Business Administration decides which businesses get capital, but that's especially true when it comes to future rounds of stimulus funding.

BWNF can also let their federal representatives know they don’t approve of the SBA discriminating against small business owners with criminal records, which disproportionately affects entrepreneurs of color. 

3. Donate Company service
Encourage larger minority businesses to donate their company services to smaller businesses trough matchmaking ( Accounting firm, Law firm, PR/Marketing , website building and logo etc )

4. Find community solutions
Education trough our seminar, workshops , classes

5. Charitable donations



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