BIRDSnBEES — A Short Film

Follow 6th grade Emma in her quest to uncover the secrets behind the BIRDS and the BEES.

Audrey and Benji Jones Modern Media
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Project Description

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Hey, I’m Audrey Jones.  I have written a short film where I play a 12 year old girl named Emma.

Emma goes to Middle School.  Recently Emma has noticed that there are some things going on.  Weird things.  Like, boys – they used to be just stupid and silly, but now . . . ah, they are passing notes to her in the middle of class.  Ummmm . . . how to respond?  What box to check (“yes”, “no” or “maybe”)?

So, Emma has lots of questions – about – you guessed it:

bnball copy 2

And THAT is the subject of my coming of age short comedic film.

Follow me – as Emma – a normal volleyball-playing, math-hating, Netflix-streaming 6th grader, in my quest to uncover the secrets behind the birds and the bees.

There is Sara, her BFF; her older sister, Janine (and the boyfriend, Kirk).

Emma even tries her science teacher, Mrs. Staussenhagen (really?? no 6th grader should have to say that last name).  And (as a last resort) she seeks answers from her mom and dad . . .plus a few others.

Spoiler Alert:  It is really hard to get a straight answer from ANYONE about this subject matter.


Well, there are a lot of reasons. First of all, it will be fun.  It’s cool to write a story and create a character.  It’s also fun to work with a group of people to make a story come to life.

I’m also going to learn a lot about writing a script, producing and editing a film and – gulp – working within a budget to get a project done.  My mom says these are all good life lessons (particularly that last one).

We may try to submit the film to some festivals as well.  It will also make really great “demo reel” for me and the other local actors that are featured in the film – casting directors love a good demo.

Maybe I’ll write and produce more short films — even make a career out of it.

Who knows where this might lead.

With all that being said — here is another question:  

We are trying to raise $6,000 to cover production costs and expenses.  Here is how we think our expenses will break down:

We hope to be able to get by without paying any location fees and right now we are not planning on paying any of our actors.  We wish we could, so we will use any extra funds we raise that way.

Thanks everyone!  I hope you join us to discover all about