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Bella Vista Bison

Working Colorado bison ranch where individuals, groups, and families can attend or host private events.

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Project Description

Bella Vista Bison








Prepared by:


Kayleen Kriner, Justin Lane



24485 County Road 5

Elbert, Colorado 80106









Bella Vista Bison (referred to from hereon in as the "Company") is intended to be established as a Limited Liability Company at 24485 County Road 5 , Elbert, Colorado 80106 with the expectation of rapid expansion in the agriculture/entertainment industry. The Company solicits financial backing to be able to introduce its new service (described below).


Business Description

The Company shall be formed as Limited Liability Company under Colorado state laws and headed by Kayleen Kriner, Justin Lane.


Kayleen Kriner is a business owner and Realtor in Parker, CO. She specializes in negotiations and marketing strategies. Prior to her career in real estate, she worked as a veterinary technician and volunteered with her local equine rescue.

Justin Lane is a financial controller in the aerospace and data sector. He has a proven track record of guiding full project life cycles, including business case definition, planning, close-out, and more.


The Company will employ 2 full-time employees.



Business Mission

Our mission is to help you create your wedding, corporate event, or other gathering. We aim to bring your vision to fruition. Enjoy our buffalo herd, awe-inspiring sunsets, and panoramic mountain views.


New Service

The Company is prepared to introduce the following service to the market:


Event Venue:  Working Colorado bison farm where individuals, groups, and families can attend or host private agricultural recreation gatherings. Our “Something Blue Barn” is the perfect setting for a rustic, country wedding.

 One of a kind agricultural property 1/4 mile from Douglas County. Sweeping 180-mile views of the front range and a front row seat view of Pikes Peak. Property and barn are designed for agricultural entertainment or education, which ag zoning allows as a right of use. Completely custom barn (permitted) with countless original features, historic materials and a 1100 sf covered patio that faces the mountains, 2 ADA bathrooms and a new septic system just for the barn. All 40 acres are fenced for bison and has some cross fencing. One-acre entertainment area with 2 custom water features, many spruce and aspen trees, dry creek bed, and much more. Zoning allows the building of a second residence. Grow our own food with the 50-foot-high tunnel temperature-controlled greenhouse, and ag zoning allows great flexibility on animals.


Funding Request

The Company requests a total loan of $500,000.00 to be used for the following purposes:


We are seeking funding for the expenses included below. The capital will be used to purchase the subject property. As well as the following listed below:

-Down Payment
-Farm/ranch equipment.
-Animal/livestock care.
-Social media and Google ads.



Loan Amount








Long-term debt payment is a key feature of the Company's financial plan. We expect to break even within a 10-year period following the introduction of our service. Financial predictions suggest a minimum 100% return on investment by the conclusion of the financing period.






Industry Overview

In the United States, the agriculture/entertainment industry presently makes 55 million dollars in sales.


Current trends in the wedding market include:

-Green weddings. These are weddings who prioritize sustainability and a small carbon footprint.

-Micro weddings. With the recent Covid-19 pandemic, many couples had to cancel or postpone their big wedding plans and resort to other options. This includes smaller weddings.

-Experiences. Many groups and wedding parties are looking to provide their guests with experiences over party favors. A similar event venue nearby that offers something similar is The Lyons Farmette in Lyons, CO.


Research shows that consumers in this industry primarily focus on the following factors when making purchasing decisions. Factors that lead consumers to choose their wedding venue include:

- As we say in real estate, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!


-Capacity limits.







-Back-Up Plan.



Business Goals and Objectives


Short Term:

Our first order of business is raising the capital to purchase the property. We plan on achieving this with the help of private lenders, angel investors, crowd funding and the sell of other real estate we own.

The first year we will focus on networking in our community. Befriending and becoming students of other farmers and agricultural experts.

We will hire 2-5 employees in our first year. Employees will help with event planning, record/bookkeeping, reservations, and client communications. We will have employees who will care and tend to the needs of the animals and farm.

In our first year we project we will make $300,000.00 off venue reservations alone.



Long Term:

The overall goal of our business is to make life easier. We know that planning any type of event can be stressful and we aim to reduce that stress.

Don't be fooled by thinking we are just an event venue! Five years from now, we will not only be rocking the entertainment and event planning industry, but local, family farming as well. We will run a successful, sustainable, and humane farm. We will sell fruits, vegetables, duck and chicken eggs, and even fertile hatching eggs. We plan on incorporating different systems to grow our crops. Hydroponics, greenhouses, and bio dynamic farming.

In year five, we project to do $500,000 in annual revenue. This will come from the different streams of income i.e., events booked, private experiences, and selling produce.






Target Markets

The Company's major target markets are as follows:


The target audience is adults 20-40 years of age, specifically parents, teachers, and wedding parties who wish to give experiences to their children or friends/family.


The estimated number of potential clients within the Company's geographic scope is 2.13.


Pricing Strategy

The Company has completed a thorough analysis of its competitors' pricing. Keeping in mind our competition's pricing and the costs of customer acquisition, we have decided on the following pricing strategy:


Competitive pricing will be our main strategy in the beginning. We believe we can book at least 22 weekends every year. Especially at the height of wedding season.

2021 Rates:

Saturday: $7,000
Friday and Sunday: $6,000
Monday - Thursday: $5,500


Promotional Strategy

The Company will promote sales using the following methods:


Bella Vista will communicate with customers via an email newsletter, targeted Google and Facebook ads, social media, and in person at fairs/farmer markets and bridal shows. We will incorporate vlogging and live video streams, including Q&A's so our followers can participate.


SWOT Analysis


Unique Experiences.
Breathtaking Views.
Network of vendors.
Active in the community.
Narrow Niche.



Costs of animal care. We plan on solving this problem by bringing the community in and allowing them to be a part of our family with donations and monetization through social media pages and channels.

Lack of demand due to the Covid-Pandemic. We expect it to pick right back up as states reopen. We plan on using our other revenue streams during times like these. Many people have started looking to their local community farmers during this crisis. We plan to be another resource for our neighbors.



The business sits on 40 acres and is zoned for another residence. There are many opportunities for the business in the future including different types of farming, rentals, and recreational activities.



Legislation involving agricultural regulations.
Injuries or illnesses among livestock.




In the agriculture/entertainment industry, customers make choices based upon many factors. Factors that lead consumers to choose their wedding venue include:

- as we say in real estate, location, location, location!


-capacity limits.







-back-up plan.



The level of competition in our industry is moderate.
While there are many other wedding venues in Colorado, I believe we are unique in the experience we offer.


The primary competitors for the business are the following: The Lyons Farmette and River Bend

Address: 4121 Ute Hwy, Lyons, CO 80540
(303) 746-6266


However, we believe that the Company has the following competitive advantages:

I can easily add other livestock, such as, alpacas. Other competitors cannot easily add bison. With that said, I am a huge fan of the competition and believe there's an abundance of success to go around.



First-rate service is intended to be the focus of the Company and a cornerstone of the brand's success. All clients will receive conscientious, one-on-one, timely service in all capacities, be they transactions, conflicts, or complaints. This is expected to create a loyal brand following and return business.






12-Month Profit and Loss Projection


Monthly expense for salaries and overhead (projected):


Revenue and sales for first year of business (projected):


Gross profit for first year of business (projected):



I love surrounding myself with strong and confident women. I thank all of you for taking the time to view my project! I look forward to all the connections I'll make in here and can't wait to pay it forward!




The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:




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