The Atta-Tube accessory

The Atta-Tube is an unique, fun, and super versatile head accessory that fits every hair mood that you're in.

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Project Description

The Atta-Tube is an accessory product that I’ve created by accident a couple of years ago, it’s a fun, simple, and unique head accessory that comes with a lot of fun flexibility, since I’m a one woman operation involved in producing this product to a wider mass, I’ve constructed a very detailed business plan as to why and how I will disburse the funding needed to get this project done the right way. I’m asking for a total amount of $4300.00, this will help me with production cost, Marketing cost, and any business legal services that’s necessary although it’s design is already copyrighted. Once the items are produced. The items will be sold through my online shop Chocolate Butterfly as well as other retail outlets and promotional fashion shows.

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