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Anyika Lifestyle

Christian luxury brand

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Campaign Ends on January 31, 2022

Project Description

This is a Christian luxury brand that I created as an outlet for expression.  It was second nature for me to water it’s  foundation with the influence of my home land of Nigeria.  

There is nothing safe or subtle about my prints and that’s what I love most about it. 

 Obviously the goal in fashion is to have everyone feel empowered and to love what they see when looking in the mirror but when it comes to Anyika .. that goal is shared with something more important.  Anyika is set to redefine what it is to wear a garments of distinction and quality .  Each print is created with a scripture from my favorite book in the Bible Psalms.  And for me personally it hits a little different knowing that my garment is dripped in scripture.


The Campaign FAQs

This is all in support of a Christian clothing brand.  The goal is to redefine how Christian brands are viewed in fashion 

About the Entrepreneur