Anahata Collaborative, LLC

A collaborative work, event & educational space for all types of creatives, artists, & wellness heart-preneurs.

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Project Description

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Anahata Collaborative

Anahata Collaborative is a flexible and unique collaborative WORK, EVENT and EDUCATIONAL space for artists, wellness professionals and all creative heart-preneurs building the business of their dreams. A space to work, create, collaborate, gather & share knowledge with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Ultimately, a community space to live from heart-center, be inspired, change the world together and be totally awesome.

Anahata Collaborative invites and welcomes artists, writers, photographers, composers, musicians, workshop facilitators, small business owners, health and wellness coaches, doulas, life coaches, yoga teachers, healers, web designers, videographers, bloggers, theatre creative directors, gallery owners, art teachers, and all other entrepreneurs inspired by being in a creative and collaborative space.  A place to create and evolve:

“knowing you have a team of people with different skills who have your back, who are excited for you, and who are rooting for you.”


Benefits of Anahata Collaborative Space

  • Unlike a traditional office, coworking spaces consist of members who work for a range of different mediums. The community space allows members to feel little direct competition or internal politics and they don’t feel the need to have to put on a work persona to fit in.
  • Working amidst people doing different kinds of work can also make one’s own work identity stronger. We want to create and maintain a space that helps individuals complete their work, be inspired by one another, enhance their skill sets by way of fellow members, feel understood and supported, and gain a broader network.
  • Coworking spaces and members have found that having a community to work in helps them create structures and discipline that motivates them. While coworkers value the autonomy of flexible schedules and priorities, it has been researched that creative entrepreneurs equally value some form of structure in their professional lives. Too much autonomy can cripple productivity because people lack routines.  Our creative space allows members to adopt an environment inclusive of invigorating thoughts, executing their work, feeling safe and inspired while being help accountable to structure in a “less-than-formal” or intimidating space.
  • Members can choose when and how to interact with others. They are more likely to enjoy discussions over coffee or treats (who doesn’t love an “office party”?) – and when they want to be left alone to power through their work.
  • Our beautiful and vibrant city of Minneapolis and surrounding Uptown neighborhood is a staple asset to our space and community. The access to local restaurants, boutiques, businesses, activities, access to major highways, nearby Lake Calhoun, Lake of the Isles, and Lake Harriet allow members and neighborhood guests to interact as they please.

How is Anahata Collaborative different from other local spaces?

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Anahata’s Aesthetics

The space is designed to implement a creative and holistic space for artists and wellness professionals, and any entrepreneur who is inspired by being in a creative atmosphere.

Anahata is designed in line with the ideation process of creatives. Ideation comprises all stages of a thought cycle, from innovation, to development, to actualization. Therefore, Anahata Collaborative is designed allowing for different spaces for the stages of the ideation process throughout the Collaborative. There are no dedicated desks at Anahata since the key to the space is COLLABORATION. Instead, you’ll find tables of all sizes, cozy chairs,  garden space, and easels allowing the members to flow from space to space and work where they most feel like they need to that moment. Anahata Collaborative also offers two smaller meeting room spaces. It’s designed to combine the feel of a cozy living room, your favorite funky coffee shop, an art studio, and a relaxing zen space.

Anahata Collaborative is by artists and wellness entrepreneurs, FOR artists and wellness entrepreneurs making this truly a community of like-minded individuals. The space should feel like it was CREATED and has heart, not like it was purchased. We embrace and strive to empower local creative entrepreneurs for which most of the items in the space will be locally sourced. Some examples are:

  • The coffee from a local grower
  • The mugs from a local potter
  • The tables from a local carpenter
  • The blankets from a local weaver
  • The wall art from local artists
  • Hand painted yoga mats from local artists
  • Embroidered art aprons from local makers
  • Custom kitchen utensils from local makers

We also have a beautiful garden area right on the Greenway (bike path) perfect for enjoying a cup of tea while working on your latest blog post or taking a zenful moment to let your mind and work flourish.

Members are our top priority!

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Today’s entrepreneurs are trying to do everything themselves on their own, most of the time feeling lost and not sure what to do next. Often, they are even losing their creative inspiration. Anahata Collaborative helps ease this stress by building connections within our local community, and giving our heart-centered entrepreneurs direction and assistance whenever possible. We offer marketing opportunities to our members, free monthly business workshop sponsored by local businesses, monthly social gatherings to meet the community, a large discount for Anahata’s monthly True North Workshops, and more, special partnerships with local businesses for Anahata Collaborative members only.

Anahata will continue to grow with its members allowing more and more opportunities for career growth, and personal growth.

Painting the Picture- Inside & Out

  • Situated right in the heart of thriving Uptown and right on the Greenway, community members can bike, bus, walk or drive to the space.
  • The building is secure and quiet with other creative businesses as neighbors, including an art gallery, framing studio, and a hot yoga studio.
  • A well-lit and free parking lot is available as well as street parking, and a bike rack.
  • In the heart of Uptown within 2 blocks in any direction you can find awesome businesses like French Meadow Bakery, Muddy Waters Coffee, Urban Bean Coffee, Egg & I, One Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Art Materials, Milkjam Creamery, Moto-I, Bryant Lake Bowl, Jungle Theater, and so much more. And only a short walk or bike ride to Lake Calhoun and Lake of the Isles!

Membership, Access & Hours of Operation

  • We know that not everyone’s schedule fits into the 8a-5 p work day box, so Anahata is open from 9am-9pm (for all membership levels) Monday through Thursday. Drop-in day passes available, no membership required.
  • Access to the collaborative coworking space is arranged by the day of use, not the hours of work. Members and day pass holders can come and go as frequently as needed between hours of operation.
  • During open hours, the open work space is available for members to settle in as they are most comfortable.
  • Additionally, two collaborative rooms are available for meeting with clients, small classes, private yoga sessions and more. These rooms are open to members and the general public with advanced reservation required.
  • From 8am Friday – 12am Sunday, the main space (and garden area) is open for rent for workshops, photography sessions, pop-ups, classes, gatherings, performances, events, and beyond to both the general public and to members (members received heavily reduced rates)
  • Once per month, Anahata Collaborative will hold a members-led “True North Workshop,” which will focus on three main elements: creativity, wellness, and business building. This will be open to the general public and members, and allows members an opportunity to showcase their talents.
  • No contracts! All membership levels are on a month-to-month basis.
  • Membership packages are inclusive with access, supplies, equipment, parking starting at $98/month. There is a one-time $10 administrative fee for setting up your membership.