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Amplify Hybrid Renewable Energy

A Hybrid waste-to-energy solar power plant, that operates at 85 % efficiency, produces clean power and is carbon neutralizing.

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Project Description


Under One Foundation presents:

  • Maple Solar Solutions (MSS) Green Energy Project
    • Maple Solar Solutions' aim is to become the first green energy technology manufacturers and exporters in Pakistan. Our custom-designed solutions address a wide range of problems and capitalize on the complex yet ever-growing Pakistani energy market's unique opportunities

  • The problem we are solving
    • Pakistan is one of the top ten most affected countries by climate change. We aim to use our technology to help our government reverse the adverse effects of climate change by producing carbon-negative energy from renewable and waste materials. 

    • Assists Pakistan in reaching the target of adding 4,000 Megawatts (12,00 Megawatts in Baluchistan) of renewable energy by 2030 as an alternative to imported fossil fuels

  • The market sizeable opportunity is
    • Waste to energy is one of the most effective and robust alternative sources of energy, which helps in the reduction of CO2 emissions and thus replace fossil fuels. 

      The Global Biodiesel Market is expected to reach USD 54.8 billion by 2025. Biodiesel is a renewable fuel made from biomass similar to conventional or fossil diesel.

      The Global Anaerobic Digester market is valued at 107.3 million USD in 2020 is expected to reach 150.5 million USD by the end of 2026, growing at a CAGR of 4.9% during 2021-2026. Anaerobic digestion is a process in which microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen.

  • Maple Solar Solutions product about and how it solves the problem?
    • The technology solution is a CSP Dish Stirling system that is dual purpose and hybridizable with waste-to-energy systems, creating biofuels of various kinds. These multipurpose systems can be 100% locally manufactured at a very cheap cost within 24 months. What sets our solution design apart is achieving up to 85% overall efficiency, making it competitive with dirty fossil fuel power plants. 

  • Under One Fondation is seeking $300K in funding for MSS Phase 1.1 (Estimated start: August 2021) 
    • -  Under One Foundation USA Partner,  Pakistan Travel Fund = $50,000

    • - Construction of Hybrid power plant Demo site (Solar+biowaste) = $200,000
      - Development of Undergrad Specialization Program (Engineering faculty) = $15,000
      - Development of Technical Training certification (labor force) = $15,000
      - Development of Undergrad Specialization Program (Agri-tech faculty) = $20,000

  • Under One Foundation and Maple Solar Solutions Team

    • Louise Brady – Under One Foundation - Director of Operations

      • Expertise: Quality Management Systems, Process Development, Business Development, Industrial Hemp industry specialist

    • Mohammad Bilal Hassan – MSS Chief Executive Officer

      • Expertise: Business development, Project management, Solutions design, B2B marketing

    • Aurangzeb Khetran – MSS Director of Public Relations

      • Expertise: Public relations, Business networking

    • Atika Raza – MSS Director of Compliance & Legal Affairs

      • Expertise: Public relations, Business networking

    • Abdul Rauf – MSS General Manager
      • Expertise: Business management, communication, procurement

  • Under One Foundation and  Maple Solar Solutions greatly appreciate all backers that are making a difference for the undeveloped, underdeveloped, and marginalized communities of Pakistan by causing the installations and manufacturing of cost-effective Hybrid Renewable Waste-to-Energy Solar Systems.


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Under One Foundation is the Waste-to-Energy consultant for:
    •  Maple Solar Solutions Pvt Ltd. is a green energy solutions company. We specialize in designing new-generation hybrid power plants for commercial, industrial, and remote applications.
      Our Vision is "Cleaner, Greener, & Brighter future for Pakistan". We are pursuing our vision by
      - Developing higher education research programs with local universities, and technical certifications for the workforce
      - Local manufacturing of cutting edge technology for local use and export (CSP, solar thermal, waste to energy)
      - Green power production for local industry (Hybrids)
      - Heating, cooling, water treatment, waste management solutions from renewable energy for the industry
      - Electricity, and water solutions for remote/undeveloped communities
      - Free education and skill development programs for marginalized communities
      - Fundraising for community building & training programs
      We partner with technology leaders (universities and businesses) around the world to procure technologies and develop transfer and training programs in collaboration with local universities. This enables the training of a future workforce that's globally employable and competitive. 
      Our technical team covers the entire value chain including project design & development, construction, financing, operations & maintenance.
      The leadership comprises people with vast and versatile experience in renewables, development, legal & compliance, EPC, R&D, finance, Business Development, and Public relations.
      We are working to help our country catch up with modern technologies of the world, and utilize them to develop an economically viable industry.
      We are raising money to start a series of green renewable energy initiatives in the Baluchistan province of Pakistan. Working in collaboration with government institutes to help the marginalized and underdeveloped communities.
      Please donate generously, to help us change the world in the areas that matter the most, i.e., by uplifting marginalized or undeveloped communities, and developing waste-to-energy solutions. Initiatives on such a scale require a huge amount of funding, we have divided the work ad funding requirements into smaller phases:

      Phase 1.1 (Estimated start: June 2021)
      - Construction of Hybrid power plant Demo site (Solar+biowaste) = $200,000
      - Development of Undergrad Specialization Program (Engineering faculty) = $15,000
      - Development of Technical Training certification (labor force) = $15,000
      - Development of Undergrad Specialization Program (Agri-tech faculty) = $20,000

      Phase 1.2 (Estimated Start: March 2022)
      - Technical Training Certification Program for workforce (150 workers @ $3000 ea) = $450,000
      - Agri-fuels testing lab= $40,000
      - Industrial Hemp genetics research = $80,000
      - Develop Tele-tutoring application for children in remote communities = $80,000
      - Deploy Hybrid (Power+water treatment) solution in a remote village = $100,000

      Phase 2.0  (Estimated start :September 2022)
      - Demo and testing of hybrid (Solar + Water treatment) power application for remote areas = $100,000
      - Demo and testing of Hybrid (Solar + heating/cooling) power application for Industries = $100,000
      - Scaled up production of Agri-fuel crops (2000 Acres) = $ 1 million
      - Scaled up manufacturing of CSP technology = $ 6 million
      - Construction of 25 Megawatt Hybrid power plant = $ 30 million
      - Expansion of Remote communities uplift program ($100,000/ village Avg.) = $1 million
      - O&M and expansion of tele-tutoring Program = $800,000

      Our total project cost is 40 Million USD of which we need to raise 20%(8 million) by crowdfunding and equity sale. 
      Based on how much we raise in donations, we will allocate the shares/dividends towards the ongoing charity work in remote communities uplifting, free education, laborforce skill development programs.



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