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Algebra 1 Now not Later for Black Students

Algebra 1 is the beginning or the end of a STEM Career!

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Project Description

A. Identifying the target population 

Black students in grades 7-9th who want to prepare for AP Math courses in the future (high school). 

Focus on Advanced Placement for Black students in high school. The goal is to prepare more black students for advanced high school math, such as AP Calculus and AP Statistics.


Math topic focus: 

- Algebra 1 for 7-9th graders  

- Algebra 2 for 9-10th graders 

- AP Statistics for 10th-12th graders

- AP Calculus for 10th -12th graders 

Goal: Basic Math Course completed before entering college. 


B. Recruitment of Teachers

- Retired Math Teachers 

- College Students from Medgar Evers & York College


C. Outreaches

Black students require organizations with teachers/tutors who will promote Equity and high expectation for them. High Schools in NYC are seeing a significant gap in black students enrolling and completing Math AP courses. 

We also see this same gap between 8th graders who are taking and not taking Algebra 1


D. Success stories 


Working at a middle school in Far rockaway queens. I was interviewed to teach 8th graders 8th-grade math. Still, I convinced the principal that all students (especially black students) should be taking Algebra 1 at this stage, especially since many other schools in the district are offering this course. 


My peers (teachers and students) told me that this was a bad idea and that it would make our students feel even worse about themselves. The school's demographic is low-income black students, where 100% have experienced a significant traumatic experience. My task was to teach an all-boys class, Algebra 1, and prepare them for the regents in June. 

Students' math levels (based on prior state exams) ranged from 65% on a level 1-2 (low)

15% on a level high 2, 15% on a level low 3, and two students (5%) having a group of high 3


Math Level is 1- 4, with a high 2 being proficient.  


Fast Forward to June. 78% of the students passed the Regents 


The gym teacher even returned to ask me how the kids did on the exam. And, "I responded to those sitting in class ready to learn past!" She said so, about 75% percent. I smiled and said 78% 


This proves that all students, regardless of their current math level, should have the opportunity to take Algebra 1 "early" in the 8th grade!

E. Marketable plan forward.

Tutors are purposely picked and are culturally responsive and aware of the low numbers of black students in AP Math courses and STEM careers, and who care that these numbers are so low. 

Most Math Programs or organizations offering free tutoring in these areas have yet to have a primary math content target or a specific student target. Furthermore, their target is to help students with homework and exams. This is an intervention! Meaning, too late. 

My focus is Prevention. Prevention for a specific student population and math area focus. 

My organization will advertise as such: Teaching Algebra 1 for the advanced placement in math for all(black) students and increasing the probability of Blacks in STEM Careers. 


F. Anticipate the needed budgetary plan to move from point A to implementation


1. Math Trainer Workshop Budget 

- Math Education Training: Initial training 4 hours and 2 hours a month

- $50 per hr per Trainee

- Starting with 2 – 3 Math Teachers 

- Initial Cost $200 per Trainer, approximately $400 - $600

- Monthly $200 - $300

- Math Coach $150 per hr/session

o Initail 4 hrs = $600

o Monthly $300


Total Initail cost $1200 

The total monthly cost for 8-9 months is $10,800


2. Math Teachers payroll (3 teachers)

- $75 per session 2x a week per class (3 classes per teacher) = $1350 

- Monthly $5400

- 8 – 10-month program $9600 - $13,500


Total for three math teachers $48,600


3. IT Support

- IT on call as needed $250-400 Monthly 

- Google workspace $60/month

- Graphing calculators and emulator $370

- Drawing pads for Tutors $120 for each student, if possible $40 each (12-20 students) = $480-800

- Website maintenance $35-$100 a month

- Scribbler $42 monthly 


Initial cost $1,170

Total monthly cost $4068


4. In-Person Space (Brooklyn Library)

- Twice a month with students for testing 2 hours 

- Once a month for Math Coach Training 2 hours 

- $49/hr for 4 people and $169/hr for 20 people 


Total cost for 9 months $3924

The anticipated amount to start and keep the program going is $69,762

Thank you for your support. I am excited to see what comes out of this program!


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How will students be picked for the program?

Student must be African American and in the 7th or 8th grade

2. Who will teach the content to students?

The Algebra 1 courses will be taught by Math teachers and students majoring in Math



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