A Cup of Hope

A Cup of Hope will be a coffee shop cafe in a Southern New Jersey location that will employ disabled adults.

Heather Social Good
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Project Description

Only 17.5 percent of people with disabilities are employed in competitive employment according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

According to Social Security, 56 million Americans, or 1-in-5, live with disabilities.

As professionals and parents in the field of disabilities both Heather and Jackie have sat in years of meetings that seemed to end with a feeling of little to no hope.

Many disabled children and adults want to work and “live a normal adult life”.

Our society is slowly and in a pain staking manner incorporating disabled adults into employment. Many states are becoming “work first” which means that work should be looked at as the first option for a disabled adult. But, the jobs are, at times, very hard to come by.

As a nonprofit – A Cup of Hope is seeking $35,000 seed money from multiple funding sources to open.  The store front will initially be a rental. We will open as a small coffee shop / cafe-bakery.  A Cup of Hope is a coffee shop and bakery cafe that will employ people with disabilities. In fact – 90% of all employees will have some form of a disability. What will start as one store has the potential to spread in so many ways.

The niche employment concept is not new. Project SEARCH,  Greystone Bakery,  Bitty & Beau’s  and so many more. The movement of Hope is spreading quickly and I am asking you to be a part of something huge. Hope for inclusion and integration for all. Hope for acceptance and a meaningful life for all.