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inMD: Internships as a Talent Strategy

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Reward: Be an inMD Tester!

Click your way through our Beta Site and give us the good, bad, ugly and …. We will send a shout out to you over Social Media.

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Fist Bump for growing talent in Maryland - We will have you listed Friend of inMD on the inMD website & you receive an inMD T-shirt “What talent goes on in Maryland will stay in Maryland!”

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We want to thank you in a real visible way! We will add your logo to our sponsor scroll in our website, give you 2 featured ads upon launch, your business will be a supporting sponsor on our annual report, 12 featured pieces of content, 2 informational interviews and 1 time access to workforce/educational data, reports & analytics

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Visibility! Shout Out! Recognition! are the name of the game! We will RECOGNIZE you at an awards ceremony in 2018, put your logo in the sponsor scroll on the inMD website, 2 featured ads upon launch in 2018, supporting sponsor for the annual report, 1/2 page ad in the annual report, 12 featured content pieces, 2 informational interviews and 2 time access to workforce/educational data, reports and analytics!

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