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Paige Academy

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Reward: Monetary Contribution

Just Because I Care

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Reward: Umoja / Unity

Supporters at the umoja / unity level will receive a custom designed Paige Academy thank you card. Please include your address so we can send the cards.

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$50 or more
Reward: Kujichagulia / Self-Determination

Supporters at the Kujichagulia level will receive a handmade card from one of our students.

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Reward: Ujima / Collective Work + Responsibility

Supporters at the Ujima level will receive a historical booklet about Paige Academy and a thank you card.

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Reward: Ujamaa - Cooperative Economics

Supporters at the Ujamaa level will receive a hand-drawn composting poster featuring the school, its gardens, and students.

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$500 or more
Reward: Nia / Purpose

Supporters at the Nia level will receive a card and booklet, as well as a custom care package from our garden featuring herbs, teas, preserves, and other magical items.

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$1,000 or more
Reward: Kuumba / Creativity

Supporters at the Kuumba level will receive a card, booklet, poster, care package, and are invited to come to have tea in the garden with Sister Angela.

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$2,500 or more
Reward: Imani / Faith

Supporters at the Imani level will receive all of the other rewards and will have their name (or a message of their choice) engraved into a brick that will become part of our renovated building.

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