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Iyengar Yoga Center of Nashville

$0 or more
Reward: Monetary Contribution

Any gift you can make to support our studio is incredibly meaningful to our team. We encourage you to give an amount you feel comfortable with. Every penny will be invested in our success as we move locations. All donors at any level will receive an invitation to our opening reception. Please browse the list below for a full description of our suggested giving levels and perks. 

Free shipping in the U.S. only
No Limit
$20 or more
Reward: Opening Reception Invite

Thank you for your Devotional Gift!

This amount is the equivalent costs of a drop-in class. At this level - and any giving level - you'll receive an invitation to our opening reception and a thank-you shout out on our Facebook page!  


No Limit
$75 or more
Reward: Tote Bag + Companion Passes

Thanks for giving us props! 

Building out the prop storage is a huge part of our internal buildout. Gifts at this donation level are representative of this aspect of our internal buildout: Props and prog storage! 

Props are critical to providing access to yoga for all ages and skill levels. Thanks for helping us make classes open and accessible to anyone who wants to enjoy yoga.

You’ll be thanked with three companion passes to bring a friend to yoga free, a lovely thank you tote bag, and an opening reception invitation.

Free shipping in the U.S. only
No Limit
$150 or more
Reward: Donor Wall Recognition

Thanks for sponsoring our Rope Wall! 

At this level, you’re helping fund aspects of our studio that includes our brand-new rope wall. Donors at this level will be thanked for leaving their mark on our walls with a literal mark on our walls with a dedicate donor recognition wall. 

Our dedicated donor recognition wall will have a list of names at this level and up — a permanent fixture in our new waiting area. This level will also include the perks of the tote bag, companion passes, and opening reception invite.

Free shipping in the U.S. only
No Limit
$300 or more
Reward: 1-Year Membership + First Class Invite

Thank you for this transformational gift! 

Donors who give at the $300 and up level are providing a generous and critical investment in the studio.

We’re inviting backers at this amount to join us for our very first class at the center. This will be a 1-hour devotional class just before our opening reception. You’ll also get a 1-year membership to the studio starting January 1, 2020!  

Membership includes a selection of weekly open practice hours during the week and discounts on a selection of specialty classes and workshops.  

While we haven’t formalized our membership program (see FAQ for more details), we’ll be excited to share more perks throughout the 2020 year.

And, as with the other levels, you’ll also have your name included on our donor wall and receive the thank you tote bag, companion passes, and invitation to our opening reception.

Free shipping in the U.S. only
No Limit

Thank You For Supporting!

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