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Hellcat Maggie's CBD Skincare & Cosmetics

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Reward: EXCLUSIVE! CBD Cosmetics Set

In October 2018, Hellcat Maggie's Skincare became the first U.S. whole-plant CBD skincare brand made specifically for breakout-prone and aging complexions using noncomedogenic, organic, vegan ingredients. In January, Hellcat Maggie's will launch a collection of CBD-infused cosmetics featuring the same complexion-boosting, organic ingredients as our skincare blended with ultra-pretty, shimmering color that is out-of-this-world. (That was a hint re: the name of the collection!)


As a thank you for your generous contribution, you will receive an exclusive sample pack! We will NOT be selling this specific sample pack on the site or in person. Contributors to this campaign will be the only people who get this unique treat.

Ships to U.S. only. No expedited shipping option available.

We will be creating and shipping sample sets in small batches with the goal of having each set arriving by the first of April. Questions? Email

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Reward: DJ Our Work Day & Thank You Note

You'll receive a thank-you note in your Inbox that links to our Hellcat Maggie's Official Playlist on Spotify...but this won't be just any link. We'll invite you to contribute your tunes to our playlist, too so you can guest-DJ our our work days/all-nighters and add tracks live via Spotify!

Delivery via email only.

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Reward: ONLY 2 LEFT! VIP Name The Shade Package

and you will get the chance to name a new product! you will receive samples in the mail and video conference with the founders to brainstorm ideas. your shade will launch in your honor!


Rewards for your generous contribution of $5,000 includes:


Exclusive Sample pack

thank you email from founders

spotify list


mailing of a few samples of new shad ean dpriduct possiblities

a video conference call with maggie the founder to brainsotrm

a followup mailing for free of your namesake product

- legal no proceeds


info tbd.

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Reward: march


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Reward: Kitten Party Time!

The purrfect way to try our breakthrough skincare regimen! Receive a 4 piece set of Hellcat Minis aka HellKittens, including our Dry Oil Cleanser, Spot Treatment, Clay Mask, and Moisturizer (which comes packaged in a baby-hell cat version of our famous gemstone rollerball)!


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