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Brown Girl Project

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Reward: Monetary Contribution

Only have $1? We'll take it AND appreciate it greatly 

Got $100,000? We will take that too and appreciate it also 

Give whatever is in your heart, because you believe in the mission of bringing accessibility, inclusivity, and representation coworking and creative spaces. Your contribution will help us build beautiful communities in and near the communities that often get left out.

PLUS at this level of giving, you get to enjoy the warm, fuzzy feelings that come along with knowing you've supported dynamic women and are changing the landscape around them.

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$20 or more
Reward: "Her Vibe"

Get the List!

We have some of Chicago's top female Dj's creating the vibe for the rest of 2019 into 2020. Aside from being an amazing person and making magic happen, you get a dope playlist! 


The soundtrack to living your best life!

Estimated Delivery: SEP 2019

No Limit (Tell a friend) 

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$30 or more
Reward: Beauty & More Package

Whose a VIP? YOU ARE! 

REWARD:  This is a limited engagement. An exclusive invitation to Brown Girl Project "Sneak Peak" presentation in partnership with Koval and fashion brand Kahmune 

We have partnered with a London/NYC luxury shoe designer for a private experience in one of Chicago's intimate hotel's the Sophy-HYDE PARK.  Enjoy a custom-fitting experience, beauty treatments, craft libations from Koval Distillery (a local + women-owned business), and of course posh space for lounging and great people connections. 

Limited Tickets available- BOOK ASAP 

Estimated Delivery: SEPTEMBER 13th 2019

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$49 or more


We are ready to have you! There are only 100 slots available to a part of the start of the revolution. What do you get? 


  • Beta Profile for the BGP app and networking site. 
  • Invitation to "pop-up" and preview experience- Details COMING SOON!
  • Big high-five 🙌🏽 from me (if/when I see you next)
  • No Shipping Required.


    Estimated Delivery: Fall 2019

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$500 or more
Reward: Office Space

You Get an Office!

Lock it in with a deposit! Secure your 2-4 person office amongst some of the most talented, creative and connected women in Chicago. Office comes with more amenities than we can list here, go to the website for details.

  • Office space comes with membership for 2-4 team members
  • Additionally, you receive a complimentary month Powder Room membership for the team  
  • Access to events, labs, childcare and more! 
  • Estimated Delivery: Fall 2019

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$1,000 or more
Reward: "The Angel"

Eternal gratitude for your amazing generosity!

Additional Rewards includes:

  • Exclusive invitation to the Pre-Grand Opening and launch party 
  • Access to exclusive VIP events and programming
  • Special gift bag of exclusive partnership products 


No Limit

Thank You For Supporting!

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