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Sincerely Miss Mary

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Reward: The End Is The Beginning: Poetry Book

In this digital poetry book, you will experience the origin story of Sincerely Miss Mary, a once anonymous Instagram pen name created by the founder, Maryann Samreth.

In 2018, Maryann suffered from an emotionally and psychologically abusive relationship filled with sexual and emotional trauma. She began live journaling her experiences through poetry on Instagram and eventually transformed into the advocate she needed in her life.

Read her healing journey of breaking a cycle of abuse and healing intergenerational trauma as the daughter of Cambodian genocide survivors.

This is where her story begins through these pages of raw and unfiltered poetry that slowly become the blueprint for embodied writing framework that has helped over 100 trauma survivors heal and feel safe to become themselves in the world.

You will receive your digital poetry book in your inbox on December 1st, 2022.

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Reward: Write & Release Workbook

Pre-order your paperback copy of Write & Release Workbook, a 12-week trauma-informed writing course to help you release emotions, regulate your nervous system, and heal.

In this workbook, Maryann breaks down her embodied storytelling framework into 12 weeks, so you can begin to explore the emotional truths held in your body, and release them safely.

Maryann developed this proven writing framework after healing complex PTSD through her writing journey. This framework is backed by trauma therapists and creative experts.

Maryann is certified in somatic trauma therapy and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in training (to be completed in 2024). In this workbook, she combines her 11-year professional creative experience in the fashion industry, 5 years of writing her trauma stories and work-in-progress memoir, and her training in trauma-informed modalities to help you cultivate authenticity, agency, and reclaiming of your identity.

Contributing to this workbook will also support publishing costs.

Maryann will send you updates throughout the process of bringing this publication to life by Spring 2023.

Please add your shipping address to the message box below!

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Reward: 60 Min Creative Biz Coaching

Maryann is a multi-passionate creative with the following experiences:

  • 11 years in the fashion industry as a handbag designer for Coach, Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, and Tommy Hilfiger
  • Published over 100 viral poems/personal essays on Medium, Thought Catalog, Thrive Global, and indie literary magazines
  • 2 years of podcasting experience as host of Mental Breakthrough Podcast
  • TikTok influencer with over 30K followers
  • Screenwriting for TV/Film

In this 60-minute Creative Biz Coaching session, Maryann will help you bring your creative pursuits to life. As an accomplished creative in many industries, she believes no dream is ever too big, and it's never too late to pursue your greatest desires.

Services she can offer support in but not limited to:

  • Publishing articles, personal essays, memoir
  • Podcast ideation
  • Fashion Design
  • Viral Content Creation
  • Screenwriting
  • Writing Tips
  • Career Advice


Maryann will send you a follow-up email to book your creative biz coaching session in 1-2 business days.

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Reward: TikTok Brand Partnership

I will create 1 TikTok video and 1 TikTok Story Feature to showcase your brand or business on Sincerely Miss Mary's TikTok Platform of over 30K followers. My audience are people healing from trauma, heartbreak, CPTSD, and are actively on their healing journey.

The feature includes a shoutout with your name or business name on TikTok Stories.

✦ What’s Included:

  1. 1 TikTok Video
  2. 1 TikTok Story

I will reach out in 3-5 business days with an intake form to create content for your business.

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Reward: Write & Release Angel Sponsor

This sponsorship level is for businesses that believe in bringing trauma-informed support to underfunded schools and communities to help shape the next generation of leaders. 

All of your money will go to the Sincerely Miss Mary's Write & Release Scholarship Fund to help facilitate a 4-week afterschool wellness writing program for students in need of emotional and nervous system regulation.

Your company and its logo will also be included as an Angel Sponsor on Sincerely Miss Mary's website and promotional material.

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