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The Onikas

Reward: Monetary Contribution

Thank you for believing in us and helping us reach our goal.

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Reward: up *cycled necklace + playlist

This iconic and beloved Onikas accessory epitomizes sustainable fashion. Hand-braided with our #upcycled scraps of our block-printed fabrics is part of our commitment to #zerowaste. These hand-braided necklaces coordinate perfectly with everything in our collections and add a little pop of allyship to any outfit.

Fabrics are hand block printed by the artisan partners we work with in India using AZO-free inks and skin-safe dyes. Handmade by Clemencia in Quito, Ecuador and providing her with much-needed extra income to help support her family.

Free shipping in the U.S. only
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Reward: 4 piece Hand-printed Onikas Napkin Set

These hand-printed 100% cotton napkins were designed for festive dinner parties or solo dining

Dimensions: 22" x 22" *Care: machine wash and dryer safe (hand dyed and hand block printed with AZO-free and skin-safe dyes)

black and tan/ pink and rust/ purple and yellow or blue and white 


After you choose the print I will reach out for your mailing address and then look out for it in the mail! If you are in Ecuador they will be delivered mid July!

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Reward: Versatile Summer Textile

This versatile hand block-printed textile will stay with you for a long time, it has many functions: from sprucing up your table to making your beach day or picnic complete and festive.  Please specify which color. hand printed 100% cotton/59" x 86" 

Please select a print from the four choices and I will email you for your address.

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Reward: Signature Eye Logo Lounge Set

Our one-size-fits most signature eye logo sweat set in heather gray.  This product is printed by hand in Austin, TX by a small business that uses eco-friendly printing inks and incorporates zero waste business practices. 100% cotton/ size L/unisex


Free shipping in the U.S. only
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Reward: Entertaining Bundle

Our epic summertime entertaining BUNDLE box includes a set of Onikas hand-printed tablecloth and four napkins, a copy of the epic summer playlist and some Ecuadorian palo santo to clear your space and usher in abundance. $245

Select from the four fabric choices and send me your address!

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Reward: Support Ecuador Artisans Bundle

Our three top sellers: (and a retail value of $475 for $395)

1. a hand-embroidered cotton bread basket linen and a woven basket.

2. a hand-loomed blue and white unisex poncho, 100% cotton. Made with love by at our partner workshop, led by Matico, a 78yr old community elder. 

3. a hand-braided fabric necklace, made by Clemencia with our excess block-printed fabrics as part of our commitment to #zerowaste.

We believe that cultural preservation, economic development for female artisans, and earth ethics are intertwined. This vantage point forms the heart and soul of our work at The Onikas. 

Will ship before Sept, 1, 2022

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Reward: Camp Onikas: Andes and Amazon

On this epic journey we will explore both the majestic mountains of highland Ecuador and the lush Amazon Rainforest.  We start in the mountains, where we spend 4 days and three nights at one of the most beautiful haciendas in South America, Hacienda Cusin. And then travel by plane to stay 4 nights and 5 days at an indigenous-owner eco lodge in Amazon River Basin, The Napo Wildlife Center, adjacent to the YASUNI NATIONAL PARK: the most biodiverse place on Earth. 

This guided excursion offers an authentic cultural immersion that includes studio visits to indigenous artisans, glorious nature hikes, daily gentle yoga and meditation classes plus lectures on history and sustainability with local experts. We will be accompanied by Ecuador's premier private tour leader.

Deposit to reserve your spot $1500

full price (to be paid in three installments)  $5,500 double occupancy)

Free shipping in the U.S. only
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Reward: Summer Playlist

 The ultimate summer playlist for entertaining al fresco or as a backdrop to your magical life.  It is a musical thank you for your support: a culturally diverse soundtrack meant to inspire!!!

digital download

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