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Random Tea Subscription Service

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Reward: Monetary Contribution

Thank you so much for your support. I hope that you can feel the glow from helping us to reach our goal!


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Reward: Social media shout-out

Let’s make our friendship public!  We’ll shout-out your praise on one of our social media platforms.

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$10 or more
Reward: Chai Essence Hydrosol Spray

Have you ever walked into the tea room and thought "Wish I could bottle that smell"? 

Well, the day has arrived and we can all welcome "Chai Essence - Hydrosol" into our everyday lives. 

The scent of our chai is captured in a steam distillate and available in 1oz spray bottles. 

Use it for everything from facial toner to aromatherapy to linen spray. 

This is a life changer!

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Reward: Chai Potpourri Sachets

That intoxicating scent that surrounds you when you open the door of the tea room, bagged and ready to invigorate your kitchen.

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Reward: Get Your Chai On

This deal is a triple win!

You get:

  • A bottle of Chai Essence
  • A bag of Chai Potpourri
  • A tin of Chai Masala

Life couldn't smell better!


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Reward: Random Tea Room Tea Towels

The tea towel, that quintessential tea accessory. Nab a limited edition custom designed towel with your generous contribution.

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$40 or more
Reward: Sampler – Loose-leaf Black Tea Trio

A rich selection of our favorite black teas.

EARL GREY: A decadent blend of whole leaf Chinese black tea and bergamot.

CHAI MASALA: Our house specialty, an intoxicating blend of single estate Assam and hand ground  cardamom, cinnamon, clove, star anise, cayenne, nutmeg, and black pepper.

4TH ST. BREAKFAST: A house-blended trinity of Ceylon (black tea from the mountains of Sri Lanka), Assam (black tea from India), and Organic South Cloud (Chinese Red Tea)

Total Available: 20

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$50 or more
Reward: Tea Consultation and Tasting with Becky

Spend an hour at the bar with Becky talking about your favorite brews and learning about different styles of tea. Sample up to three of the selections from the Random Tea Rooms diverse menu and go home with 2 ounces of leaf to continue your journey into the life of tea. 


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$60 or more
Reward: Sampler – Loose-Leaf Herbal Blends

Straight from the Random Tea Room's Apothecary comes a healing collection of House Blended Herbal tisanes complete with steeping instructions.

Strengthen your immune system with For the Defense. Clear those sinuses with Respiratory Rescue. Unwind with Simmer Down, and soothe an unhappy stomach with Belly Blend.


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$75 or more
Reward: 3 months of The Random Tea Subscription

3 months of The Random Tea Subscription Service, plus a box of 100 filters and scoop

Description: Get our goal delivered to your door, after a short list of questions we will choose a selection of teas to send you with steeping instructions and accessories!

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$80 or more
Reward: 1 Hour Massage with Rose

One of the facets of the tea room is our wellness space that hosts a talented line up of healing practitioners, from massage to acupuncture to vibrational sound baths. With this reward you will receive an hour long session with Rose LaPenta, Rose specializes in Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Trigger Point Therapy, and Stretching with a focus on pain management and rehabilitation including relief from migraines.


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$100 or more
Reward: Private GongFu Service for 4 people

GongFu is the ritualized preparation and presentation of tea using Yixing teapots and tiny cups. We will explore Oolongs and Puerh teas with 3 of your friends in our Philadelphia Tea House.


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$250 or more
Reward: Tea station Complete with Tea

This changes everything, your daily tea ritual is now ready for you. Our customized tea station filled with 6 different, randomly selected, loose leaf teas destined for your countertop. Comes with a box of 100 paper filters and a tea measure.

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$300 or more
Reward: Complete Tea Station plus Consult

For the office manager that wants to up the beverage game in the work room. We will provide a 1-hour consultation to help you decide which blends would most compliment your workspace. This perk comes complete with the Tea Station, 6 varieties of tea or herbs, a box of 100 paper filters and a tea measure.

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$500 or more
Reward: Kids Tea Party in our backyard

We’ll supply the tea, our backyard, and sidewalk chalk! You bring the kids (limit 10). So much fun to be had :-)



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