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Woman-Owned Wineries

Reward: Online Toast 🥂 + Sticker

We'll toast you with undying gratitude on our social media accounts, reaching thousands of people. We'll also send you a WOW Logo Sticker (4x4 in.) to slap on your water bottle, laptop, fridge, or wherever! 

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Reward: Wear Your Support! 👕

This package includes:

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Reward: Vintner's Promo Pack 🍇

Are you a winery owner wanting to join forces with this growing community? Let's support one another! Give at this level and receive the following benefits:

Interested in supporting us more substantially? Scroll to the "Corporate Sponsor & Ally" level and enjoy your winery's placement in our website and marketing collateral.

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Reward: Wine Lover's Multimedia Dream Library 📚

Give at this level and receive a multimedia wine library, including books written and signed by women wine experts.

Along with:

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Reward: Discover Eastern European Food & Wine 🌾

Woman-Owned Wineries has previously promoted wineries only within the United States. In light of world events, the time has come to focus our lens internationally.  Donate at this level to explore Ukrainian and Eastern European cuisine paired with wines that highlight the ancient roots of winemaking. 

  • "Cabernet and Equal Pay" Apron
  • Copy of cookbook by Olia Hercules entitled Summer Kitchens: Recipes and Reminiscences from Every Corner of Ukraine , plus a month of access to her cooking classes and community via @patreon.
  • Voucher to Redeem for Our Selection of 3 Wines from the Republic of Georgia
  • Woman-Owned Wineries logo tee and sticker


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Reward: Voucher for Wine Club Subscription (x 4)

Give at this level and receive a voucher to redeem for:

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Reward: Monetary Contribution

No Rewards Please | Just Being Generous

Thank you for supporting female vintners. We appreciate your contribution in any amount, and respect your anonymity. Every dollar counts!

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Reward: Masterclass: "Women in Wine, Then & Now"

Explore the untold history of women in wine, tracing back to ancient times, with Tanya Morning Star Darling.  A sommelier and educator with nearly three decades of industry experience, Tanya founded Cellar Muse as a subscription-based wine education program. Tanya's recent article in GuildSomm offers a glimpse into the content of this workshop: "Women in Wine: Systematic Exclusion & the Success of Tenacious Women".  Tap her expertise in this excellent workshop, and invite your friends or colleagues!

Details forthcoming.

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Reward: Corporate Sponsor & Ally

Align your company or winery brand publicly with the cause of gender equity by contributing at this level.  

  • We'll add your company logo to our newsletter footers (viewed by thousands of readers), and on our website's "sponsor" page for the next two years.
  • We'll produce a sponsored content piece on our blog highlighting your work.
  • We'll match you with a female vintner who, together with our founder, will host a custom educational tasting for your company. Wines sold separately.
  • If you're a winery owner, you'll also enjoy the benefits listed above in the "Vintner's Promo Pack".
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