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RUNfully Global docu-series

Reward: Monetary Contribution

The amount is your choice. 

Funding of any amount is appreciated, and every contribution will help us at RUNfully Global reach our goal.

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Reward: Name in credits + Shout out

We will shout your name or/and company from the top of RUNfully Global's Socials.

And include your name in the credits of one of the episodes to show off your founding support!!

Be a part of a movement to connect the world beyond borders through fitness and be honored in one of the 8 episodes!

Our gratitude runs deep.

Free shipping in the U.S. only
No Limit
Reward: Virtual 5k Run with an exclusive shirt!

Join us for a 5k virtual Global Run on May 28th 2022.

Receive a race bib, medal, and a RUNfully Global Meditation.

Includes 2 connection calls to connect with runners from around the globe. 

And for the first 7 supporters, a limited edition RUNfully Global Shirt.

These shirts are the original one of a kind RUNfully shirts!

Shirts are first come, first serve:

2 Small black tang top 

3 Medium black tang top 

2 Medium Blue tang top 

3 medium black long sleeve 


Free shipping in the U.S. only
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Reward: Running Mediation - 5 Day challenge

5 days of Zoom community mind, body, soul support calls!! Plus be the first to have access to a library of running mediations that will make running fun and transform your life. It's like having a trainer in your ear. Plus... as one of RUNfully's pillars is giving back, each purchase will gift an international person with a chance to join as your accounability partner.  


*Taking a moment to yourself to relax into feminine flow. 

*Interval training that's all about feeling celebration for your accomplishments. 

*Releasing old relationships to open space for creativity - with journaling time at the end. 

*Breaking chains - letting family trauma go to soar.

*5 Days of getting yourself out of bed and back to your confidence. 

*Stepping into your power and getting your magic back! 

*A journey to releasing emotions via your own personal Disney adventure.


Free shipping in the U.S. only
No Limit
Reward: 10k Premiere Package


An invite to our exclusive online premiere event!

This package includes:

A yoga warm up from former rockett Keisa. 

Popcorn, inspirational quotes, a VIP swag bag of treats, and an exclusive RUNfully Global water bottle.

And you'll be on of the first to see the RUNfully trailer and the 1st episode! 

Every 5 supporters at this level contributes to a RUNfully Global ambassador training! 


Free shipping in the U.S. only
No Limit
Reward: Private Yoga or Pilates Class

Former rockett - valued at $175 

Free shipping in the U.S. only
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Reward: Half Marathon RUNfully Promo Bundle

RUNfully Global Bundle

Your name on as an early supporter - with a link to a page of your choice. 

A shout out on our social channels - mention on Facebook and an Instagram post with a link back to your company website. (9k+ followers) 

A paragraph custom shout out in our email. 

A 1-1 coaching call with Founder Melissa Ames for you or as a gift. 

Free shipping in the U.S. only
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Reward: Sponsor A 5K or Event
  • 2 scholarships given to participants ready to transform their lives - every story and post about the event tagging your brand as the sponsor - requirement for applicants to follow and tag your brand. 


  • Virtual 5K prize contest - every participant who enters must tag and follow your brand. 


  • An email and post shout out to our community about our partnership 


  • Option for product or/and discount code to be sent with participant’s medal and race bib. Goal 100+ participants from around the globe.  


Free shipping in the U.S. only
No Limit
Reward: Looking for a speaker for your event?

Melissa Ames is the Founder of RUNfully Global, a movement and community that uses running as a metaphor to connect people around the world in running towards their passions.

Growing up with heart palpitations, she never imagined she could run more than 2 miles. When she ran her first half marathon, she realized if she can do that, she can do anything. Since then, she’s documented her mission to run 13 half marathons in one year while singing, dancing, and sharing life lessons.

She developed RUNfully to encourage others to push past what they never thought was possible. As a film production coordinator, she has worked on a range of sets including on the CW Special, "My Last Days."

Free shipping in the U.S. only
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Reward: Marathon - Episode partnership

Sponsor an episode of the RUNfully Global series: 

- Your brand logo at the beginning and end of the episode

- Integration of your product in the video

- A social media video edit 

  • And a Private VIP Mindfulness RUNfully event for your team

RUNfully’s mindfulness activities are unique and fun because they combine play with spiritual growth,  movement, and connection. Meditation can increase employees' productivity and joy in the workplace by 120%. Giving your team this gift will create deeper bonding, connection,  motivation, and lasting memories they will connect with your company. 

  • Cacao heart opening ceremony to set intentions
  • Intuitive sound bowl healing and sunset meditation 
  • Connection time and bonding 
  • Silent disco dance party 
  • Fresh juice, beach views, up to 20 people
Free shipping in the U.S. only
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