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Mbombo: LA's first Indigenous restaurant hub

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Just Because I Care

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Reward: Mbombo's Hot Pepper

For taking the first leap into building this restaurant, we will give you a jar of our infamous hot pepper sauce. If you haven't had this sauce prepare to find a new culinary addiction cuz it is to die for. We will send you a personal letter with it to tell you why you mean so much to us and to the world 

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Reward: Mbombo's Lucky Charm

With this award you'll get a jar of our special hot pepper sauce , as well as west African beignet delivered to you by our team with the same message of acknowledgement by shared to you verbally 


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Reward: Mbombo's One and Only

With this rewards, you will have the opportunity to be part one of our upcoming immersive dinner starting in October. We will email personally to remain in communication so you get all the 411 to experience our vision via our mesmerizing communal dining, as well as a special shout out (my shout out are quite colorful) on our social media platform

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Reward: Mbombo's Secret Traveler

With this rewards, we are taking you to a camping getaway. THAT"S RIGHT! IN november, we will be organizing a special getaway trip with all of 555 contributors to be one with you all in the midst of the woods to organize an indigenous dinners showing our never ending gratitude. If you have never combining food, travel and human connection wrapped with pure magic and what we are going to do for you 

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Reward: Mbombo's Golden Honorary Guest

Have you had any restaurant create a special evening in your honor? Well upon the opening of our restaurant , we will select a calendar date to establish an immersive dinner ...PERSONALLY DEDICATED TO YOU. 

You and a guest of you choice, will have the pleasure to witness  a full production honoring your essence. Menu will personalized according to your preferences and the performance aspects will be an homage and dedication to your generosity 

If you have heard of our Alice in Motherland dinner, you know that we are very serious about out dinner show 

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Reward: Mbombo's Soul of Abundance

With this reward: you pretty much get it all 

  • monthly delivery of our special hot sauce for 12 months 
  • an invitation to be part of our honorary table for the opening of our restaurant in 2019 
  • 2 personalized event production in you honor during in our 2019 calendar with 2 extra comped ticked for each event
  • a 6 month free residency membership to use the facilities and perks of our experimental space
Free shipping in the U.S. only
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