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Enlightening Children's Book for Young Leaders!

Reward: Monetary Contribution

Just Because I Care - any amount

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Reward: NEW! Coloring Packet

While you're waiting for the book to be delivered, have fun coloring your own illustrations of A Heart of Gold—The Greatest Gift. 

Our coloring packet includes 10 illustrations, from the book, ready to be colored with your design and flare!  Simply print out and color.

Send your beauties to and we'll give you a social media shout out too!


No Limit
Reward: Pre-order the book!

Receive one of the very first copies of A Heart of Gold: The Greatest Gift personally signed by the authors

Included in the book:

1. Full-sized tear-out poster of the cover illustration

2. Activity page for your young reader to encourage their own heart of gold to shine

3. Heart of gold custom-designed Award Bookmark to present for the activity and a constant reminder of your heart of gold within. 

shipping included - will arrive by the new year

No Limit
Reward: 2 Books - many littles in your life?

2 copies of the premier printing A Heart of Gold: The Greatest Gift - personally signed by the authors.

The perfect gift!  One for you and one for a friend.

shipping included - will arrive by the new year

No Limit
Reward: Back to school bundle

1. One of the first copies of the book, autographed by the authors

2. T-shirt (size of your choosing) featuring all characters

3. Set of 10 notecards with envelopes (2 of each character).  Notecards are blank inside so use these notecards to encourage thank you notes, or birthday cards, or just because.

Shipping is included - will arrive by the new year

No Limit
Reward: Party in a bag!

Party with a purpose!

Bundled in a limited edition Heart of Gold For Kids tote bag:

1. An autographed copy of the book

2. T-shirt featuring the characters

3. Party supplies for 8, for a fun day (randomly assorted bubbles, plates, party hats, etc)

4. Set of 10 note cards with envelopes (2 of each character)

Bonus: Pianogram

Send a song to someone you love (even if that someone is yourself!) Heather's Granddaddy is a musical wizard—he will call at a time you choose to play Happy Birthday or another requested tune.  

shipping included - will arrive by the new year

No Limit
Reward: Book Party

The authors will come to you to do an in-person, live reading of A Heart of Gold: The Greatest Gift + an autographed book for all in your group (up to 10)

Perfect event for birthday parties, school events, church Sunday school events or family reunions.

*Available to travel along the East coast, Maryland to South Carolina

We will reach out to you to coordinate a time for the book party!

No Limit

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