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Celebrate Neurodiversity in Education

Reward: Monetary Contribution

Thank you so much for your support! Any contribution you can provide goes a long way!

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Reward: Virtual High Five

Every little bit helps! Giving you a virtual high five!

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Reward: Virtual Fist Bump

We appreciate you endlessly! Sending a virtual fist bump your way. 

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Reward: First Look VIPs

Get a 15 minute tutorial into the SEA Bridge curriculum by our fantastic staff! Learn more about our development process, collaborators, and all the fun that we have in store! 

Sneak peaks will be available starting July 6th. We will contact you about scheduling.

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Reward: Coolest Cat Around

Have a furry feline friend? With this reward, you can submit a photo of your cat to our Illustrator, Tess, and she will send you a custom digital print!

Limit of one illustration per donation. Once you've donated, submit your cat photo to and we will follow-up with you.

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Reward: Swaggy-est Friend

With this reward, you'll receive a Bridges Learning System branded, reusable tote bag (design to come) and a fun sensory toy for kids and adults alike! 

Totes and toys will be shipped after the campaign has closed, with expected deliveries in September.

Swag bag and sensory toy will be shipped once the crowdfunding campaign has closed. We will notify you when your items have shipped.

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Reward: Casual Conversationalist

Ever find yourself wanting to learn more about autism directly from an autistic individual? Virtual coffee and chat with Kat is your opportunity to do just that!
Kat is a white, queer, multiply disabled autistic woman. While she cannot speak for all autistic people, a conversation with her can provide insight into the experience of autism from her lens and identities. Talk with Kat about masking, sensory differences/needs, late diagnosis, autistic burnout, and more. Don’t know what some or all of those things are? Kat can answer questions and point you in the direction of additional resources if you’re looking to learn. We'll reach out to you to set up a meeting.

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Reward: Partner in Neurodiversity

Learn more about the neurodiversity movement, ableism, and how to counteract neurotypical expectations with the first two trainings from our Neurodiversity Training series. Supporters at this level get a promo code to access these training directly from our website!

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Reward: Anti-Ableism Ally

Uncover your ableism with our founder, Dr. Katrina Martin! Supporters at this level will take an individual ableism assessment and then have the opportunity to meet one-on-one for 30 minutes with Katrina to review your responses and further dismantle your own ableism. 

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Reward: Ultimate Supporter

Show the ultimate love! Cover the startup fees for our educators! This reward is a pure monetary donation of the initial startup fees for a SEA Bridge curriculum, set to be released in August.  

We will cherish you forever!

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Reward: Our Hero!

Not all heros wear capes, but you do! With this donation, you are covering the costs of a full year's subscription to the SEA Bridge curriculum (set to be released in August), including startup fees. 

Words cannot express our deep gratitude for supporters at this level, but we are happy to try! Let us know how we can best honor you.

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Thank You For Supporting!

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