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WokeWeights | Truth Driven Workouts 💪🏽

Reward: Monetary Contribution

All amounts have meaning and helps us get this snowball rolling. Thank you deeply.

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Reward: 6 WokeWeights Workouts

Coach Gabriel, Johns Hopkins MPH and deep strength training expert, is our Head Programmer.

He hand crafts all our training days, and will pick 6 WokeWOD workouts to send to you in a PDF. 

These will be fun, safe, and educational. All will include an aerobic conditioning element and most will include strength elements. All movements will be compound and multi joint.

The topics of each workout will vary, and we aim to bring you high impact knowledge we likely were not taught in school.   

Digital Delivery.

No Limit
Reward: 9 WW Workouts + #StrengthGang sticker

The 9 WW Workouts via PDF and a #StrengthGang sticker mailed directly to you!

At Tectonic, we nickname ourselves the StrengthGang to denote strength of body and of mind. We emphasize self awareness, self love, and self improvement via rigorous training. Join the #StrengthGang!


USPS ground.

No Limit
Reward: 12 WW Workouts + T-Shirt

Wear an awesome and inspiring WokeWeights T shirt while doing your WokeWeights workout!

We haven't designed the t-shirt yet, but it will have facts on it!

It will be cut and fit like the picture below (that's me!)

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Reward: Full WW Block + Sweatshirt + Shoutout

36 WokeWeights Workouts (a whole progressive training block) + a WW sweatshirt!

Great for the warm up or just a bike ride on a nice day, the WokeWeights sweatshirt branded with the StrengthGang slogan. 

On top of all that, we want our community to publicly recognize backers at this level. If it's okay with you, we'll do a social media shout out in your honor!

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200 Left
Reward: 2 Blocks, WW sweatshirt + Q&A w Tectonic

Two full training blocks (over 60 educational workouts as part of 2 lesson plans). 

Each block has it's own focus, and you can expect progressive achievement across functional compound, multi joint movements. 

60 workouts is a lot of truth too! Learn and live with WokeWeights.

We invite backers at this level and above to get to know us a little bit on a live Q&A session we can set up.

We envision this to happen around the the launch of the program in 2022. 

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Thank You For Supporting!

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