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Of The Night

Reward: Monetary Contribution

Every dollar counts! Want to contribute an amount that isn't listed here or want to join the campaign without a reward (other than our undying appreciation)? This one's for you.  Contribute $17 or $113. Every dollar counts and helps us get closer to our goal of taking Of The Night nationwide! 

Free shipping in the U.S. only
No Limit
Reward: Public Party Shout Out

It's not a party 'til someone buys the first round! We'll thank you on our socials with a clink of our champagne coupe.

Free shipping in the U.S. only
No Limit
Reward: Bivalve Or Bust

At Of The Night, we believe that every time is a good time for oysters. Get busy with our custom Of The Night oyster shucker and sticker set perfect for all-night slurpin'. This reward includes oyster shucker only, *not* the oysters. Those would be too risky to ship!

Free shipping in U.S. only.

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Reward: Let Us Adorn You

Upgrade your at-home indulgences with a branded Of The Night flask and sticker set. You never know where the at-home party might take you...could be your living room...could be a backyard pillow fort. This reward is for when the bar is just out of reach.

Free shipping in U.S. only.

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Reward: 'Bright Young Things' Party Package

LIMITED EDITION REWARD! Hot off the press and ONLY available on iFundWomen-  our 'Bright Young Things' party package is your first taste of our Of The Night Spring Season themed experiences! AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE, BABY!

The Bright Young Things were a set of bohemian socialites who became notorious in the 1920s tabloid press for their decadent parties, night-time treasure hunts and hedonistic behaviour (oh my!).  With this Of The Night party package,  it's time to celebrate the new roaring twenties! Essentials include:

  • High Society Conversation Cards
  • Black + White Camera
  • NY Spice Shop Turkish Delight
  • Vintage Jewelry 
  • ‘Vile Bodies’ by Evelyn Waugh
  • Marich Jordan Almonds
  • A Most Divine Treasure Hunt 
  • Darling Martini Glasses
  • Murray’s Hair Pomade + Whimsical Accessories 
  • Spectacular Wall Decals  
  • Ostrich Feathers 
  • An Ostentatious Neck Scarf
  • Stationery + Fanciful Pen
  • Curated Playlist

Packages will ship on April 15.

10% of profits from Bright Young Things benefits wayOUT. WayOUT aims to empower LGBTQIA+ youth to feel safe being who they really are, by investing in and advancing life-saving programs at organizations with limited resources. Learn more at

Free shipping in U.S. only.

No Limit
Reward: Every Nighter Kit

Of The Night's Every Nighter Kit provides all the essentials for any party: Disco Ball, Body Glitter, Light-Up Compact, Business Card Holder. Stow away this party kit and you'll be ready for literally any scenario. 

Free shipping in U.S. only.

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Reward: Once In A Bloom Package

Of The Night's Once In A Bloom package is only available through our Of The Night campaign. Each Once In A Bloom features a cornucopia of colorful goodies and products from Of The Night's favorite sponsors + discount codes to be used on each sponsor's respective website. 

Free shipping in U.S. only.

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Reward: Meet Me On The Dance Floor

Our Meet Me On The Dance Floor reward delivers a DJ Victoria Rawlins monthly mix cassette tape (retro, baby), complete with a handheld cassette player and 3x cassettes throughout the year.  Each cassette mixtape will be themed to that month's Of The Night party package.

This portable music experience is perfect for your morning stroll, connecting your AUX for sunset car rides, or showing off your collection to your audiophile posse.

Free shipping in U.S. only.

First package (cassette player + first mixtape) will ship in May. The remaining 2 mixtapes will ship in June and July. We will notify you in advance of the specific ship dates.

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Reward: Send A Party

Why send a card, when you can send an entire party? Of The Night's Send A Party rewards you 2x Of The Night party packages, which you can gift to anyone you want in the U.S.  Send them both to the same person, or light up two different people's lives with the gift of Of The Night. (Or, if the mood strikes, you can send them to yourself!)

You will receive a unique discount code to be used on Of The Night, which can be redeemed between 4/15/21 and 12/31/21.

Your discount code can be redeemed at anytime before 12/31/21. Your packages do not have to be delivered in the same month or consecutive months. Wanna send an Of The Night party package in April and in July? No problem!

Packages will ship based on your plans to gift them. When you have decided, get in touch at hello@ofthenight and we will set it all up!

Free shipping in U.S. only.

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Reward: First Quarter Founder

You'll be among the first to join Of The Night's Inaugural 2021 Spring Quarter Subscription. You'll receive our April, May & June Of The Night packages ($500 value) + 20% off any additional package purchase through 12/31/21. 

Spring 2021 Subscription Package Themes

  • April: Bright Young Things
  • May: Crazy Cat Lady
  • June: Strawberry Social

This level of donation is what will really help Of The Night expand nationwide!

Packages will ship on April 15, May 15 and June 15.
Free shipping in U.S. only.

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Reward: Founding Member

Become an Of The Night Founding Member before subscriptions are released to the public. You'll receive an entire 2021 Of The Night subscription (9x packages from April through December 2021) + an advance sneak peek at our full 2021 calendar (not available to any other subscription level).  This reward also includes a custom Of The Night party package designed just for you and 4 of your friends! (total $1500 value)

This level of donation is what will really make Of The Night expand nationwide. Your name (or company) will be forever listed on our website as a founding member that helped make this happen!

Packages ship on the 15th of each month, beginning in April.
Free shipping in U.S. only.

We will contact you to discuss details for your custom party package, as noted in FAQ.

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Reward: Tonight's The Night

**CALIFORNIA ONLY** Queens of the Night, Courtney (Disco Dining Club) + Blakeshine, will design, setup and produce an immersive experience for you and your 5 best friends at your own home! Includes decorations, themed activities, a curated all night playlist,  a 3 course meal and more!

We will get in touch to discuss the details of your custom, at-home experience. More info in FAQ.

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Thank You For Supporting!

You rock for supporting this entrepreneur's project! Please note that iFundWomen does not guarantee projects, or investigate an entrepreneur's ability to complete their project. It is the responsibility of the campaign creator to complete their project as promised, and deliver their rewards in a timely manner.