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Youth Mental Health Re-imagined

Reward: Monetary Contribution

Just Because I Care

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Reward: Chat Mats by Your Self Series

Is your table and mealtime talk tired? Spice it up with Chat Mats placemats. You are guaranteed to have a revived dinner conversation and end your meal laughing. Your Self Series is a unique social, emotional and character development program.

We will need an address. We will be mailing through the post office, regular mail.

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Reward: 21 Things you forgot about being a kid

"I taught middle school for thirty years and found my students to be the most challenging, complicated, needy, and yet wonderful of any age. This book is a must-read for a parent, teachers, counselors or anyone working or living with children, especially in the middle school years." Funny, insightful and yet simple. - Reader Reviews

E-book link will be emailed.

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Reward: Family Feelings Starter Kit

Founder and Instructor, Ellen Dodge M.ED., CCC-SLP, guides you to developing connected and emotionally strong families. In this 7 part series, you can learn how to stop guessing what your child is feeling and stop jumping through hoops to figure out how to help your child express feelings rather than acting out,  melting down, or shutting down. Appropriate for up to 12 years of age.

Coupon will be provided with link to free access for one.

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Reward: Your Self Series Books

Your Self Series (YSS) is a social emotional learning program for middle and high school students that focuses on the defining issue of these critical years: identity development. Your middle and high school children face complex social pressures, emotional turbulence, mental health issues, and hormonal changes while often struggling to create their academic foundation. These books are a guided masterpiece to helping your child learn to thrive.

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Reward: Parenting Partner Masterclass

This 5-session Master Class gives parents a simple life recipe to increase your child and family’s emotional intelligence so everyone can better manage upset feelings with positivity,  while making family life easier and more fun. Ellen is engaging and perfectly imperfect as all parents are. Mother of 3 she teaches that all feelings are ok and all behaviors are not. Learn how to help children manage emotions so that they can "bounce back" as life throws them curves in the road.

Coupon will be provided with link to free access for one.

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Reward: Beta test futuresTHRIVE's screener

An invitation for one family member under the age of 18 to interact with and give feedback on the new state of the art mental health screener being developed by futuresTHRIVE.

Details will come once the proof of concept is complete.

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Reward: free pass to ANGST: It Gets Better

Angst: It Gets Better is a docu-series filmed over the course of 20 years capturing real life stories about growing up. Each episode provides a quick glimpse into the lives of children as they age before our eyes (8yrs-28yrs) sharing their thoughts and feelings on family, relationships, school, religion and life. This is an award-winning IndieFlix Series produced by our team and the founders/producers of The 5000 Days Project.

A link will be provided.

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Reward: Person Call with Founder Wendy Ward

The struggle is real. Founder Wendy Ward understands. If you want to talk, share, be heard, hear how they go through or just ask questions - you can with this up to 1 hour phone personal call. We do not have to struggle alone. 

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Reward: Beta test futuresTHRIVE's screener

Whole Family

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Reward: 5000 Days Project Ambassador interview

This in-depth private interviewing opportunity will create an authentic video time capsule of growing up for one child. A unique, revolutionary, and science-based method that builds character and Emotional Intelligence while creating a priceless longitudinal personal documentary.

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