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Oakland, CA

Eat Cake For Breakfast

Eat Cake for Breakfast and 99 Other Small Acts of Happiness is an illustrated book that brings you BIG joy x 100. Help us spread happiness!

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Art + Music
Social Good
Los angeles, CA

CEREMONIA is raising funds to go mobile

We're a mindful lifestyle brand committed to providing families in underserved regions with dignified income opportunities.

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Art + Music
Social Good
West lafayette, IN

Menstrual Mates

Full Circle period care. Help us end the stigma and period poverty with our progressive education and sustainable products.

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Health + Science
Social Good
Newark, NJ

Ms. Blind Diva Pageant

Giving the gift of empowering assistive technology to our vision impaired & Ms. Blind Diva Pageant contestants

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Social Good
St. George, Utah

See Your Strength

See Your Strength Mirror Decals™ are made from a special material that is exclusive for mirrors to help prevent suicide

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Health + Science
Social Good

Wander Like Me

Custom Travel Itineraries Planned by Locals

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Social Good
Baltimore, Maryland

A Saffron Universe

Only Yoga Studio in a low income/high crime neighborhood in West Baltimore

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Social Good
New Jersey

A Cup of Hope

A Cup of Hope will be a coffee shop cafe in a Southern New Jersey location that will employ disabled adults.

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Social Good
Raleigh, North Carolina


Help Rebuild Puerto Rico One Woman at a Time! Fund a team of female innovators to come to Raleigh for training

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