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Minneapolis, MN

Lutunji's Palate Bakery & Cafe

Support Lutunji's Palate as she grows into her new larger commercial kitchen and bakery & cafe at 1400 Park Ave South in Minneapolis!

9% Funded
14Days Left
Social Good
Long beach, CA


JOY RIOT!® is a fun, self-expressive lifestyle brand launching in the fragrance category with our signature perfume line, Candy Ass®!

7% Funded
74Days Left
New york, NY

Home Yoga NYC

We will create the yoga studio we have been searching for - one that looks like the diverse world in which we live.

37% Funded
13Days Left
New york, NY

A (TA)ste of The Future

T.A. is a conceptual boutique based in New York City
championing marginalized designers and creating a space for discovery!

9% Funded
3Days Left
Atlanta, GA

Beautiful Curly Me

Empowering young black girls to be confident and creating social impact. Join us to donate 5000 dolls to young girls in need.

20% Funded
28Days Left
Social Good
Los angeles, CA

AMP Beauty LA

A tech-forward retailer on a mission to redefine beauty culture for all textures and all shades. #AMPlifyBlackBeauty

100% Funded
35Days Left